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Group Channeling, Meditation, and Divine Messages
What to Expect

In this session The Collective Energy Amana will give a group message based on the collective energies of the audience. Sarah will lead the group through a small meditation, a sound healing to facilitate healing using her voice light language, song, tones, and various sounds, and then channel Amana to deliver spiritual wisdom and healing. After group message, Amana will give individual messages to select members of the audience.

Who Is Sarah?
Sarah Curley is a Master Social Worker, spiritual teacher, healer, intuitive artist and a channel for The Light of Amana. Sarah is able to use both her education and spiritual gifts to help others heal themselves and connect to their energetic truth.

Who Is Amana?
The Light of Amana is a divine system of light, here now for the purpose of teaching, enlightening, uniting people, helping us to remember our divine truth and connection, and that loving ourselves in the most important work we could ever do here.

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Group Channeling Meditation and Channeled Messages


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