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Are you tired of mind-numbingly boring hold-em? Are you tired of the testosterone-fueled bluff-fest with the backwards hats, hoodies, sunglasses, earphones, bling, and royal flush tattoos? Well if so then come and try some real games in a laid back don't-take-ourselves-so-seriously fun environment! We play Dealer's choice; 4 cards, 5 cards, 1 board, 2 boards, We play all kinds of games, both traditional and crazy!

We play at a very nice house in Aurora every other Friday night, with other possible days or nights as interest dictates. Professional table, chairs, cards, chips. Big screen TV, digital music, big family room and full kitchen. Smoking outside on big covered patio. Plenty of parking out front, big corner lot. Can accomodate 2 tables. Men, women and couples come, ages from 20s to 60s, very fun crowd, easy going.

This is a legal game, which means we self deal, no seat charge, no rake. To keep the game legal, voluntary contributions to the house pay for professional card setups, chips, table felt, high end chairs, carpet cleaning, incidental expenses, utilities, etc, so throw something to the house to cover that, and if you win toss something into the snack fund jar (customary 10% of winnings). Hey, it beats a $5-7/ PER HAND rake in Blackhawk right? Snacks, pizza, burritos, candy, ice cream, pop, beer, liquor, coffee, tea, hot choc, are provided like a snack bar: pay as you go.

It's a friendly game, .50/1.00 stakes pot limit, buy in ranges from 40-100 on average, some players buy 200. We play every other Friday, and the off-Fridays my friends host a 1/1 pot limit game in Westminster that you could get invited to, he comes to my game. 2 table capacity.

We play tournaments as well, possibly starting a series with a WSOP seat as the prize.

Here's some examples of what goes on here:

1. Omaha. 4 cards, must play 2 from your hand and 3 on the board. Played high and hi/low split.

2. Big-O, also called Tommy or Colorado. 5-card Omaha, same rules. Hi and hi/low split.

3. 2-board games. When 1 board of community cards is just not enough! There are 2 flops, 2 turns and 2 rivers, and you can play off either board. Most games we play can be called either 1 or 2 boards. Sometimes we play high only split pot with winner on each board splitting the pot.

4. Tic-tac-toe. The community board is 3x3 like a tic tac toe board. You can play any of the 8 rows of cards.

5. Texaha. A crazy game that we invented, trademarked and patented, where you are dealt 6 cards, then immediately split them into a 2-card holdem hand and a 4-card omaha (high only) hand. Then the standard flop-turn-river and at the end the best holdem hand and the best Omaha hand split the pot. Crazy action!

Other games we have played but that are chosen less frequently:

6. Reverse, also called Jersey. You must play 3 cards from your hand and only 2 on the board.

7. Stud and stud-8 li low. Standard stud & stud-8, high and low Chicago etc.

8. Razz. Lowest hand wins

9. Badugi and 2-7 triple draw.

Also open to players introducing new games as well!

Come and join us!

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