Journeying Into The Akashic Records & Sound Healing



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We are NEAR THE BEACH!!! off Pope Rd and off A1A

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Journey Into The Akashic Records & Sound Healing Workshop
with Master Psychic Healer, Medium Laura Schwalm and
Special guest Dana Marie certified Kripalu yoga instructor who specializes in trauma informed yoga instructor and Reiki II practitioner

The Akashic Records are the source of all universal knowledge in the universe. It can be equated to the universe's super -computer system.

At the time we agree to incarnate and experience life as a Soul, a field of energy called the akashic begins to records every thought, word, emotion and action generated from all experience. “Akasha” is Sanskrit for “primordial energy” or “soniferous Ether”. This is the energetic substance from which all life is formed. It is an invisible field of energy around us.This energy has an unconscious but huge influence on our everyday lives, relationships, beliefs systems and experiences which can create our potential realities.

the human organism is a series of interacting multidimensional energy fields; when these energy systems become imbalanced, they manifest as pathological symptoms which manifest on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. The Akashic records are a library of every Soul’s journey from its point of origin until the date of its return to Source. It is also referred to the tree of life.

The insights and clarity gained from gaining access to the information in your Akashic Records assists and guide you to make empowering choices which lead you to living your highest calling and best self .

Journeying Into the Akashic Records & Sound Vibration Healing Workshop series is an opportunity to heal, develop and cultivate your intuition, receive spiritual guidance from spirit guides and enlightened beings, learn the language of spirit and continue to open psychic abilities and learn to help you along on your souls path.

Sound has the power to affect mood, health, mind and body. It uses different aspects of sound to improve your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. As it has the power to clear spiritual blocks, release stress in the body and mind but can easily transcend the mind into a Theta State. Theta state is perfect for daydreaming and intuitive thinking.

Dana Marie will be sharing her knowledge on healing trauma in the physical body and take students through a series of exercises which help to help release stress and move trauma out of the body. Dana Marie has over fifteen years experience being a healer. You can contact her through her business Sage Healing

This workshops is designed to teach student how to access their own Akashic Records and receive information and guidance that can help them heal by resolving blockages to abundance, harmonious and loving relationships, vibrant health, life success, spiritual enlightenment, and more.


1.Laura leading the group through a series of Clearing & Healing Meditations

2. Visualization "Maintenance" Tools including: Protection Prayer, Grounding and Running Energy, Separating and Calling back your energy, Body-Connection for being present

3. Sound Healing Meditation To clear, ground and balance the chakras, Accessing the heart center; specific guided meditation tools that allows you to practice dropping into your heart

4. The Clairs and Exercises in Opening Psychic Pathways, Meeting Spirit Guides, The Akashic Records, Creative Movement Therapy to Heal the Inner Child and Feeling and releasing stagnant energy through dance, yoga and creative movement therapy

Please bring a yoga mat if you would like to sit on the floor otherwise fold out chairs will be supplied. Please come on time for my book signing meet and greet portion of this workshop! The investment for the workshop is $65.00 . questions contact Laura Schwalm[masked].

Love and Light,
Laura Schwalm