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Do you want to feel more peaceful and joyous? - Less Sad, Weary or Stressed?


REGULAR SACRED DANCE & WALKING MEDITATION SESSIONS in Cambridge & occasional events elsewhere in East Anglia and London.


Rhythmic drumming, especially when accompanied by chanting and movement, has the power to calm, centre, lift depression, release anger and stress emotions, boost the immune system, enhance health and stress-resistance. We provide drums and rattles on free loan or there is an option to make your own.

Since the beginning of time, communities have come together in a circle to dance, sing, share eternal wisdom, join hearts and express the irrepressible divine nature of the human spirit. Beginners welcome! Full instruction given. No partner required. You can be from any religion, spiritual path - or none!

We dance simple steps and movements (including sacred hand gestures called "mudras") which symbolise sacred wisdom and divine-connection themes. The movements promote health and wellbeing because they energise and balance the body energy centres (chakras) and engage heart, mind, body, soul and emotions in a holistic synergy.

As we dance we repeatedly chant brief sacred, or other wise, healing or inspirational, "Mantras". These mantric phrases come from a range of languages and sacred traditions or moving, inspiring poems. Apart from the wisdom, love and uplifting spirit contained in these phrases, the vibrations of their sounds have the capacity to resonate in particular areas of our energy system - potentially clearing energy blocks and bring energy to "deadened" areas of our energy system, physical and emotional body.

The overall effect of the dances and chants is to promote relaxation, clear negativity, relieve depression or anxiety, and uplift mood.

'WELLBEING DRUMMING' INFO: http://www.fullyalive.me.uk/drum.htm

More about the Cambridgeshire groups, venues and DUP in general is here: http://www.lovehealth.org/dances/index.htm

Free-access videos of some popular DUP dances can be accessed here: http://www.lovehealth.org/dances/videos.htm

See upcoming events listed here on Meetup, or go to: Cambridge Healing & Holistic Lifestyle Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CHEALGROUP

Or [for 'Dances of Universal Peace' events]: http://www.lovehealth.org/dances/

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FREE! - Alternatives to Medication for Anxiety & Depression

Swavesey Village College

This course is NOT about FIGHTING, MANAGING or COPING with Anxiety or Depression - it is about EXPLORING, LEARNING & GROWING & HEALING your way OUT OF SYMPTOMS... Learning new skills, re-building self-confidence, engaging heart-passion & soul-purpose + making healthy lifestyle changes & laying the past to rest! 5 x Monday Evenings, 7-9 pm from March 4th to April 1st 2019 COURSE BROCHURE: http://www.sunflower-health.com/courses/leaflets/AlternativesMedication2019.pdf TO CONFIRM YOUR *FREE* PLACE you must book with the College in advance [see below for details] and complete an enrolment form. Swavesey College, Cambridgeshire, is 10 miles NW of Cambridge on A14... On Guided Bus route: Cambridge/St. Ives/Huntingdon: http://www.thebusway.info/routes-times.shtml Map, Directions, Public Transport Info: http://www.LoveHealth.co.uk/maps/swavesey.htm Tutor: Dr. Mike Meredith. THIS IS A FREE COURSE [Funded by a County Council Community Initiative] but you must book in advance and complete the enrolment paperwork.... TO CONFIRM YOUR PLACE, BOOK NOW: call Swavesey College Community Education Office:[masked] or email: [masked] For Similar Courses & 1-to-1 Coaching see: http://www.sunflower-health.com/workshops.htm ....and our Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/CHEALGROUP MORE ABOUT Dr. Mike Meredith: http://www.stress-counselling.co.uk/ADMIN/mikemeredith.htm -----oOo-----

FREE! 'Emotional Detox' Course - Self-clearing & Self-empowerment- 2 Saturdays

SORRY - COURSE FULLY BOOKED! - we are trying to arrange another one in the Summer term - it will appear in this Meetup group events list when confirmed. Learn FUN ways of harnessing the powerful energies of what are commonly seen as 'bad' EMOTIONS [which leads to them being bottled-up, denied or repressed - with a SERIOUS COST TO OUR ENERGY LEVEL, PEACE OF MIND & HEALTH]. March 9th + 23rd 2019 - 2 Saturdays Course: 10am-4pm. EMOTIONAL DETOX! = Recycle 'bottled-up' Emotional Baggage into Self-Empowerment, Inner Peace + Passion for Life! WHY CATHARTIC HEALING? See... http://www.lovehealth.org/tools/catharsis.htm COURSE BROCHURE: http://www.sunflower-health.com/courses/leaflets/EmotionalDetox2019.pdf Venue: Swavesey Village College [A14 between Cambridge & St. Ives, or Guided bus from Cambridge, St. Ives or Huntingdon] - THIS COURSE IS FREE! [supported by a Community Grant] - but you must book in advance with the Swavesey College Adult Education Office on[masked], or email: [masked] PLUS complete an enrolment form. You can also book online at: https://parentpayshop.co.uk/schools/8734007/adulted-2018.html The biggest single obstacle to your Peace of Mind, Health & Wellbeing is the way you express [or deny or repress!] your toxic emotions such as Anger, Anxiety, Bitterness, Guilt, (Self-)Hatred, Jealousy, Rage, (Self-)Resentment, Self-pity or Shame = natural human reactions to the frustrations, pressure, demands and power-struggles of everyday living and working. Disney Toxic Emotions video: https://youtu.be/8ol367jNVlM Clear out your "old baggage" to make way for... * Peace of Mind, Self-confidence * Decisions & Actions driven by +ve feelings. * Quality Sleep * Harmonious relationships * Better Vitality and Health Includes an opportunity to release accumulated Frustration & Rage in a Safe & Supportive setting + Inner Child Healing & emotional intelligence exercises. The 'Return to Innocence': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rALVgdoMHk MORE ABOUT Cathartic-Release Detoxing: http://www.sunflower-health.com/courses/detox.htm

Drum & Dance Solstice Wellbeing

Swavesey Village College

SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS or EXPERIENCED PEOPLE - drums and full tuition provided. Frame drums like these are very easy to play and lots of fun! DOWNLOAD SOLSTICE CELEBRATION EVENT BROCHURE: http://www.sunflower-health.com/courses/leaflets/2019DrumWellbeingSolstice.pdf Rhythmic drumming, especially when accompanied by chanting & simple symbolic circle dance movements, has the power to calm, center, lift depression, release anger and stress emotions, boost the immune system, enhance health and stress-resilience. Co-creative group-drumming builds self-confidence & self-esteem & a stronger sense of connectedness to oneself [self-integration] & others [teambuilding]. Drumming helps us to experience being in harmony with the natural rhythms of life and helps us to release negative feelings, energy blocks and emotional trauma. Drumming brings you more fully into the present moment [mindfulness training] and provides a medium for individual spontaneity, creativity & self-realization. Beginners welcome! Full instruction given. Drums and rattles are available on free loan. No partner necessary. NOTE: To secure a place at this event you must pay the college in advance [see details below]. Meditative and cathartic pow-wow drumming [multi-person drums] sessions are woven into your wide-ranging day of magical, therapeutic drumming experiences . Also a restful, lying-down session to hear a live recital of creative Native American flute music. A few drummed Native circle dances and chants are included in your day - these helps us to drum holistically - from our whole body and spirit. Cost of Attending: £35 [£28 CONCESSIONS] - Subsidised by the Skills Funding Agency. Please bring a packed lunch and a mat or similar to lie on. Hot drinks will be available. To book your place: call Swavesey College Community Education Office on[masked] or email: [masked] Inspirational Drumming Videos Online... http://www.lovehealth.org/resources/drumming2.htm http://www.lovehealth.org/resources/drumming.htm http://www.lovehealth.co.uk/resources/inca.htm More about our Drumming Events: http://www.fullyalive.me.uk/drum.htm More about Keith's drum-making services: http://www.keith.sunflower-health.com More about Mike's Shamanic Healing Services http://www.sunflower-health.com/healing.htm -----oOo-----

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