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Hi, I am Maria and Welcome to Energy healing & Spiritual Events & Workshops Meet up!

I live in the colourful town of Brighton and I was born in Rome, Italy. At very young age I started attending the Holistic academy in Rome and continued with Bernard Rouch, training to be an Egyptian/Essene therapist, while going trough my own healing journey.

I am a qualified Reiki practitioner and I have also attended the Holistic Healing College in London to became an Holistic/Spiritual Counsellor (HHC), Life coach and Soul Plan reader (Frank Alpha). Psychic reading, Aura tuning, sound healing and voice attunement (Milky voice) are some of the tools used during healing sessions and workshops.

If you are seeking for genuine and safe spaces to connect with others, to share yourself beyond masks and appearance, to be at service of your higher self, learn healing and self empowerment techniques, this is the right group for you.

We explore life with a genuine heart and an open mind. Connecting deeply with our Sacred essence. Learning beyond appearance to be better Humans!


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Are you experiencing depression, mood swing, tiredness or emotional unbalances? Do you feeling ungrounded, not connected to your body and soul? Would you like to discover more about yourself, feel more energised and balanced? Holistic counselling can help improving the quality of your life and your relationships. I am offering £25 first assessment session ( approx 50 minutes) It is advised, to make the best possible progress that we work together over a series of sessions. MARIA'S APPROACH: The human body is a complete energy system in tune with the Universe. Any imbalance in the body would create obstruction in the flow of energy, which results in illness. Good health is the result of a balanced energy field, with a smooth flow of energy and proper alignment of the heart, thoughts, speech and actions. My work work has the purpose to help with grounding. Rebalancing the all energy systems to allow the life's natural breath to flow. To bring presence, awareness and consciousness in every step that you make in your life. My aim is to empowering you, allowing expansion and growth in who you are, beyond the masks and judgement, to manifest the real “you”. I use a variety of therapies/techniques to help my patients take responsibility for their own well-being and improve the quality of their life. Counselling EFT Meditation, Grounding & Mindfulness Parts Work & Sub personalities Energy clearing Sound Healing & Voice attunement We will work together next to the Level park, Brighton. Booking is essential. Looking forward to working with you! BOOKING & INFO: www.mariapareo.co.uk [masked][masked] PLEASE NOTE: If you book on MEETUP send me a private message or email. I will send you all the location details in PVT.

Mind, Body, Spirit Sussex Festival of Healing Lewes | FREE ENTRY

A unique event to experience and connect with different healing and holistic modalities, discover and purchase soul made Artcrafs, healing tools and Sacred Art and to meet beautiful open hearted people! All welcome! HEALING THERAPIES; PSYCHIC READERS; SACRED ART & HOLISTIC ARTISAN CRAFTS Delicious SOUL FOOD VEGAN CUISINE from ANGIE’S BEST View MENU In the LONG ROOM (off the entrance corridor) - FREE SONIC HEALING SESSIONS throughout the day A GLORIOUS ENSEMBLE of GONGS, PERCUSSION, CRYSTAL BOWLS, CHAKRA BOWLS, CHIMES, VOICE etc. with ALI McNAB, AOIFE BROWN, KIRSTY NORTON, and RUTH MOUGHARBEL 10.40am to 11.00am - Aoife; 11.20am to 11.40am - Kirsty; 12.00pm to 12.20pm - Ruth; 12.40pm to 1.00pm - all 4 together; 1.20pm to 1.40pm - Aoife; 2.00pm to 2.20pm - Kirsty; 2.40pm to 3.00pm - Ruth; 3.20pm to 3.40pm - all 4 together. In the SENSORY BODY ZONE - Touch, Taste, Vision, Sound, Aroma - MASSAGE, HUGS, FOOD, SACRED ART and HOLISTIC ARTISAN CRAFT MARKET. Free NURTURE NEST - CUDDLE CORNER - HEALING HUGS and CONSCIOUS TOUCH with HELEN THATCHER , LINDSAY MEADOWS and CHRIS HARRIS …throughout the day In the SPIRIT ZONE - Guidance, Energy Medicine - READERS, THERAPISTS and HEALERS. In the LECTURE ROOM (1st floor) - Free GROUP HEALING SESSIONS & MEDITATIONS throughout the day . LOCATION: Lewes Town Hall, Fisher Street, Lewes, BN7 2 QS 5 minute walk from Lewes train station. 5 minute walk from car parks at Spring Gardens & Brook Street BN7 2PT (just past Gorringes on North Street), both £1.90 for 8 hours parking Public entrance in Fisher Street Disabled and pushchair friendly Unloading in Market Lane FREE ENTRY lots of RAFFLE PRIZES (drawn at 3.30pm) www.mind-body-spirit-sussex-festival.co.uk

Live the life you want | A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE to redirect your life |

• Do you feel trapped in a life that seems meaningless? • Do you lack time for yourself and feel like life is passing you by? • Are you frustrated by your job? • Do you have big dreams but don't know how to make them come true? “Theatre&Design for growth” is an original method where you'll create a life you love from the inside out. No prior experience is required. REGISTER NOW BECAUSE: - Space is limited. We close the subscriptions to 20 registrations. - Now there's the EARLY BIRD price, you can save your money! http://www.tdforgrowth.com/en/live-the-life-you-want/ PROGRAMME --------------- 7th SATURDAY •1p.m welcoming •1:20p.m Theatre. Awakening the body and connecting with your emotions: - shift from head to body - feel your feelings - manifest your desires • 3:00 p.m break • 3:15p.m Life design. How to change the status quo and find a new purpose descovering: - your values - your desires - your visions How to acquire the mentality of a designer facing: - Limiting beliefs - Lack Mentality - Procrastination - Feeling stuck • 6:00p.m Conclusion --------------- 8th SUNDAY • 10.00 a.m welcoming • 10.15 a.m Theatre. Improving creativity and imagination through a game of theatrical improvisation. • 12.20 p.m lunch break • 1.00 p.m Life design. Design Three different plans of your new life to choose from. • 2.30 p.m break • 2.45 p.m Theatre. Imaginative exercise: Live your new future exploring: - inner obstacls - outside obstacls - tools needed • 4.45 p.m Life design. Design a structured step-by-step program and strategies to turn the idea into a realistic project, you can start to implement it immediately: - find solutions for expected obstacles - action plan • 6:00p.m Conclusion BY THE END OF THE WORKSHOP YOU WILL HAVE: • A full map of yourself, to observe at a glance to understand or reformulate the fundamental purpose that guides you anytime you need. • Three different plans for your new life to choose from. • A structured step-by-step program and strategies to turn the idea into a realistic project, you can start to implement it immediately. • A new group of friends and supporters! WHAT TO EXPECT: EXPERIENTIAL THEATRE LESSON + LIFE DESIGN TOOLS The method involves choral theatrical exercises, self-awareness, and body awakening. Your body will be perceived as energy, emotion, and creativity. The proposed exercises will stimulate introspection and imagination. The creative techniques used by designers will be applied to develop ideas and plans to improve your life. The final aim is to bring out your own life intentions and to design different possibilities to structure them with a step-by-step approach.The work aims to create a relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere. WHY PARTICIPATE: •Give yourself the chance to get away from everyday life and stress. •Allow your body, mind and spirit to get inspired and moved by new ideas and new perspectives. •Connect deeper with your energy field and creative abilities. •Reflect on your life and priorities with practical and structured exercises. •Imagine and create new directions for your life. •Learn playful techniques to help you on your journey. •Have fun and meet awesome people! WHY IS THIS METHOD UNIQUE? This is an original method based on the integration of an actor’s training techniques with life design tools and strategies. The integration of two disciplines, theatre and design, allows us to work on different aspects of a human being: the body, the spirit, and the mind. The balance between these three parts allows for a rational design but inspired by the most intimate part of ourselves. Without this deep connection, every project about our lives can be ineffective. The balance between rationality and feeling is the solid basis on which you can build a new life. This holistic approach is a powerful key to helping people achieve positive, long-term changes. Early Bird Tickets Now Available! http://www.tdforgrowth.com/en/register-interest-now/

Spiritual Money and Christmas Solstice Super early birds (until 4th Nov.)

Do you feel resistances when it comes to money? Have you noticed an unbalance between giving and receiving in your life? Are you struggling to charge money for your work? Are you an artist, holistic practitioner or a creative person feeling that you don't deserve to be paid for your hard work? Is abundance never on its way even if I have attended all the abundance workshops and read all the books? If the answer to all or some of this questions is yes, this workshop is the perfect one for you! Sometimes we focus on the effect, the consequences of something without taking the time to get to the root cause of the blockages. To transform certain limits into opportunities we have to dig deeper into the more hidden mechanism of our soul. Some of us may feel inadequate, guilty, shame, possessiveness or superficiality when it comes to money, for others, there is never enough, they are never happy with what they have, becoming obsessed and greedy. This workshop will allow you to discover and understand the blockages that you may have, causing a complicated and frustrating relationship with money and abundance in general. It will bring to light any sabotaging mechanisms, past trauma, family history and other hidden causes, giving yourself a chance to improve the quality of your life. I have also chosen this specific time of the year because it is very magical. Beyond the materialistic aspects of Christmas, our Spirits have a real chance to connect with who we truly are and our deepest needs. Not to mention that it will be the winter solstice, another great opportunity to enlighten our path. During this time we receive so many gifts from the universe, so many opportunities to open doors aligning with our true purpose, if we could just allow ourselves to feel it! I want to offer a space to connect more with the subtle and more authentic meaning of Christ mas. A space to allow the universal gifts to reach us, and to be integrated in our lives. PROGRAMME: 11:00 Welcome 11:20 Ganesh and the Muladhara Chakra 12:00 Meeting the resistances within the body (exercise) 12:40 What money means to me? (exercise) 13:15 Break 13:45 Eft and limiting self beliefs 14:40 Giving and receiving (exercise) 15:10 Svadishtana and the 101 desires (exercise) 15:40 Final blessing Please bring a banknote with you (don't worry you will have it back :)) and a bottle of water. Wear comfortable clothing Arrive on time, location will be announced by the end of November Info&Booking: [masked] You could also book the workshop by making a direct payment to: MARIA PAREO | COOPERATIVE BANK ACC.NUMBER[masked] SORT CODE[masked] Limited spots available, advanced booking is required COST: £44 OR 2X£80 Super early birds (Until the 4th of November) £64 or 2x£104 Early birds (Until the 4th of December) £74 or 2x130 Normal fees £84 at the door Benefits available upon request

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