What we're about

Are you looking for ways to heal, grow, and evolve - both individually and collectively - within your relationship?

Have you been looking for something more than the typical "date night."

Would you like to:
- gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner?
- feel more empowered and supported by your partner?
- have a more spontaneous and fun relationship?
- experience the most pleasure possible between you and your partner?
- discover intimacy on a new level?

Are you interested in being surrounded and supported by like-minded couples?

Our Holistic Evolution Group is a collective of conscious couples continuously expanding their individual knowledge of their body, mind, and spirit, while empowering their partner to do the same.

"A strong, healthy relationship is built upon two strong, healthy individuals."

We bring forth new ideas, information, and personal experiences to help each other heal and evolve.

Our holistic approach to relationship evolution includes:

- maximizing personal energy levels
- purifying our inner and outer worlds
- gaining the best understanding of ourselves and our partners
- cultivating a deeper sense of inner peace
- exploring the hidden truths of health
- accepting and embracing personal darkness
- better understanding the balance of the masculine and the feminine

Each group we will dive deep into one specific concept.

Join us to discuss new ideas, information, and share personal experiences to support and empower each other on our journeys.

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The Deeper Truth: Divine Feminine

Heartspace at Seven Stones

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