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Tapping into our inner power of intention, energy and empowerment brings about positive change in our lives and those of our loved ones. Intention blessings help manifest love, happiness, success, prosperity, health, healing, money, improved career and more. Enrich your mind by bringing an abundance of joy and magic into your daily life by manifesting with crystals and candles.

In this class you will:
-learn the candle colors that hold individual vibration for your manifesting that will help amplify what you want to bring into your life
-how to cleanse your candle to double the energy of your desires
-simple candle blessings for attracting, releasing, healing, business success, courage, mental power, psychism, sound sleep and more
-crystals and gems that compliment your manifesting power
-ways to cleanse your crystals for practical use and higher vibration
-crystals to be used with candles for communicating with angels, fairies, spirit guides and day to day manifesting for peace and prosperity

Each person will receive:
-Candle pkg starter kit
-Intention Workbook
-Easy to follow daily manifesting blessings and rituals
-A simple meditation for harnessing and manifesting your goals and dreams

FEE: $55.00 Cash payment on arrival of class
Instructor: Linda Pisani Reiki Master Teacher RMT. Certified Meditation Teacher

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