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What we’re about

Welcome to the Holistic Healing and Education of Greater Newburyport group on Meetup!!
In a world full of constant changes and energy shifts, this group aims to be a STEADY FOUNDATION of positivity, authenticity, and expansion through consciousness and genuine healing intentions.
If you are looking for a group filled with hope, openness, pure positive energy, and helpful Awakening knowledge... you have found just that! 
My name is Kerri M. Vercellini, and I created this group for all the people in the Newburyport, MA surrounding area who are interested in learning about Holistic Healing tools, spiritual growth, and connecting with like-minds on these topics. Community connection has taken a big hit in 2020, and it is my goal to make this a STRONG part of the intentions here. Humans need to be around other humans, so I hope that you decide to join us at these workshops for a transformational and energy-empowering experience!
The mission of this meetup group is “to be a safe and conscious space where Awakening Students can come together in curiosity and inspiration; to enhance one’s spiritual, energetic, emotional, and physical well-being.” This group aims to be a “hub” for all who seek self-improvement in a grounded and centered way, using non-invasive, safe, balanced, and energy-aware tools and practices.

All of the events in this group will be hosted by me OR a Guest Provider, and held at one of 6 types of venues:

  1. My healing office space at Awaken Holistic Counseling Services (located above Pretty Poppy on Pleasant Street in downtown Newburyport, MA)
  2. In a local community space open to the public
  3. Virtually
  4. An outdoor location in nature
  5. A venue offered for hosting by an Awakening Student of this group
  6. A venue arranged for hosting with a Guest Provider offering/event

If you have a venue in mind that you feel would be a great option for a gathering, please let me know!
Meetings are held at least 1x MONTHLY on a variety of topics, for many different needs and desires.

Please visit the PAST EVENTS tab to see the kinds of gatherings we've held thus far. (NOTE: Unless specifically planned otherwise, the advertised events on this group are also shared in MULTIPLE places, so any workshop listed may also be attended by people outside of meetup, and attendance history is not often accurate on meetup's event log.)

If you would like to request a repeat of a workshop, OR request a new topic be covered, please message me to let me know! I am VERY open to scheduling events on what the group desires to learn, and I am open to Guest Providers also meeting these needs/requests within the group.

As a proud resident and local business owner in Newburyport, I am passionately committed to the healing & Awakening of the Greater Newburyport area!
I know I was drawn to the wonderful city of NBPT to bring awareness, community connection, and Holistic Healing Education to the greater public.
I fully support each person's right to know alternative and complementary healing options available to them, and I feel that "Knowledge IS Power" when it comes to our health, healing, and growth.

Every person deserves to know how Powerful they ALREADY ARE on their journey of healing, and I am here to support YOUR healthy lifestyle, positive mindset, and path to TRULY living an abundant life!
I hope you join us!

- Kerri M. Vercellini, Group Founder/organizer

To learn more about what I do outside of Meetup, please visit: