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Our group offers a variety of events and workshops that are holistic in nature. What exactly does that mean? It means that everything we do is aimed at restoring vibrant health in the physical, mental and spiritual realm.

Our events can be one-time only or recurring, weekly or monthly. We also offer CEU workshops for licensed Massage therapists and licensed Acupuncturists. We are all about empowering our participants through experiential knowledge. ❤ We look forward to meeting you at one of our events!

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Find out Breathing Techniques to Bring You Peace of Mind

Hello and thanks for your reading this. More information and to register for the course, click this link: https://www.artofliving.org/us-en/program/happiness/155775 Peace and Love to you and yours, RoseMarie

Find Peace of Mind in the Midst of Chaos

Blissful Yoga

Tired of being tired? Of feeling behind and overwhelmed? Anxious and worried about the future. Stress piles up and takes a toll on our mood, sleep and relationships. When we feel drained, our mind is less likely to be positive and instead fills up with judgments, doubts, etc, which drains us even more, creating a negative cycle. You probably know meditation can help, but it's hard to make the time, and when you do, you may not be sure if it's "working" and give up. Your own breath hides the secret to living with less stress, greater focus, energy, and confidence. How could you tap into this source of inner peace? Click here and Register to find out: http://events.us.artofliving.org/florida/north-miami/mind-and-meditation/100757 Happy New Year to you and yours RoseMarie

Symmetry - The Key To Your Vibrancy

Palmetto Bay Sanctuary for the Open-minded

Make this event a part of your New Year's Resolutions to unlock the potential residing within you. We can assure you that you can go your entire life from expert to expert and not learn about the critical connection between the symmetry of your cranial bones and your vibrancy - let alone how to resolve your asymmetry. You don't want to miss this event! This is not cranial sacral or chiropractic work. Dr. Howell will be flying into Miami this Martin Luther King day to give FREE assessments on the condition of your structure. Eating organic and doing yoga will not resolve structural asymmetry. We can assure you that symmetry brings better absorption of nutrition and better yoga. Come enjoy this FREE eye-opening event to kick off your 2019. Please RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/536888393461077/ and share this event with all. We will also touch upon some very interesting information on how heavy metals, like the dark fillings in your mouth, can create structural asymmetry and damage to your nervous system that is almost always misdiagnosed. 2019 is the year to get them removed and we will explain how to safely do that before you or a loved one gets a neurodegenerative disease. Please ask your friends who still have silver amalgams in their mouth to attend. The last topic we will touch upon is the use of ozone therapy to resolve many health conditions safely. For those wanting to book the treatment sessions with Dr. Howell (assuming he will still have availability), all patients will be treated for 4 consecutive days from Jan. 22nd through Jan 26th. Each session is approximately 30 minutes. You may contact him directly at[masked] or [masked]

Revitalizing Tuesday Sound Healing Bath Meditation Holistic Psychic Fair

💕💕💕 REVITALIZING TRANSFORMATIONAL TUESDAY'S Come to spend some time with us, for restoration and re-balancing, providing alternative positive approaches for healing, direction, and self-care for body mind and spirit It begins with a Holistic and Psychic Fair followed by a Sound Healing Meditation. Visit the Holistic Fair 4:00-7:30 pm. Choose from our Tuesday Revitalization Healing Buffet: Mediums/Channels, Iridology, Reiki, Energy Healing, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Response Therapy, Massage, Theta Healing, Psychics, Readings, and much more. Practitioners change weekly. Free entry. $1 per minute sessions. Packages For $50/60 minutes. Save $25! The roster changes every week. this is the master list, want to join us? Message me, Sheri Kaplan. ~ Ana Cardenas- Handmade Jewelry ‘Nanas Good Omens”, Singer, Channel, Healer, Vendor ~ Beverly Robinson- Intuitive Reiki Healer, using Crystals, Pyramids & Sound Healer ~ Dan Siegel- Health and Wellness Coach- “The Innovator” ~ Donnareyna Donna Sessler- Intuitive Strategic Solutionary Life Coach, Oracle Reader: Tarot The Cards of Illumination & Destiny, I Ching, Angelic Cards & Spirit Guided, Channeled Messages. Crystal Healer, Vendor Inspirations Unlimited ~ Dr. Diane Elaine Bonardi- Aura Photography, Astrologist, Rune and Angel Card Readings, Reiki, Sound Healer. ~ Doris Sicilia Saba- Tarot Card Reader, Intuitive, Channel ~Ever Pineda- Massage Therapy ~ Frank HealMaster Willis- Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Didgeridoo Healings, Power Stones Crystal Massage, Sound Healer, Home Clearings ~ Gaby Pelatti - Bodyworker, combines a structural integration, Reiki, and Qi Gong in a customized mini session. ~ Gaby Ugarte Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Meditation, Yoga ~Jeff Stearns- High Priest and Grand Master of the Children of the Light, Acutuning Certified in Tuning Forks for Chakra Healing, Higher Dimensional Energy, Spiritual and Vibrational Healing, Healing the 7 Wounds and giving the Shakti, Shekinah and Wholeness Blessings ~ Julie Diane- Medical Intuitive Healer, Quantum Energy Healer ~ Larry Stuart- Master Reiki Teacher, Healer, Reader ~ Lauren Mades- Thai Yoga Massage, Meditation, Breathwork ~ Maalik PapaSimbi- Iridologist, Detoxification Coach, Drummer, Singer ~ Magali Boehlen (Mama-Maga) Artist, Healer, Astrologer and Teacher, Astrology & Healing for those on the Path to Soul Awareness & Transformation! ~ Marcelo Boggio, LMT- “Holiherbs” Massage, Healer, Medicine Man, Herbalist, Artist. www.wellnesssaltsuites.com ~ Mark Gross- Tarot Card Teacher and reader and numerologist ~ Melysa Mac- Tong Ren, Sujok Therapy, hand massaging, seed & color therapy, Laser light therapy, Tapping/EFT, Chakra Balancing ~ Michele Vismaya Rubin, LMT- Massage Therapy, Gratitude Girl ~ Olivia Dorely Cantu- Spiritual Response Therapy, Akashic Records Reader, Channel ~ Riko Chirito - Thai Yoga Massage ~ Rosemary De Jesus DeJesus- www.Komuchista.com , vendor ~ Sheri Kaplan"The Revitalizer" - Free Chakra diagnostic, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, TESLA, Access Consciousness Bars, Healer, Organizer ~ Teri Angel- TIME Healer, Card Reader, Angel Communicator, Channel, Author, Happiness Coach, Talk Show Host Followed by Candlelight Sound Healing Meditation 7:45 - 9 pm. $15 or yoga source pass We use a wide variety of ancient sound healing instruments including 2 Paiste planetary tuned Gongs, 4 Singing Crystal Bowls, 17 Tibetan bowls, djembe and heart drum, two Tank Drums, and more create a sound healing experience that will vibrate and activate every cell in your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. LOCATION: YOGA SOURCE 6601 NW 14th St, #11, Plantation Technology Park, Plantation, FL 33313 COME PREPARED: ~ This is a shoe free zone- bring socks ~ Bring a yoga mat, blanket/sheet, and small pillow for comfort http://www.youtube.com/c/sherikaplantherevitalizer http://www.facebook.com/sherikaplantherevitalizer http://www.facebook.com/groups/healersnetwork

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