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Holistic Sound Works
shamanic voyage

Reconnecting with the sources of your personal power and wisdom
Integrating diverse influences, this unique event is a beautiful cross-cultural and cross-dimensional musical journey for meditation, healing and personal exploration of the secret, the sacred and the unknown. Involving Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drumming and more.

Therapeutically, this session is especially recommended for releasing stress, trauma, grief, depression and associated physical ailments through deep physical
relaxation, emotional rebalancing and spiritual revival.

The specialist, singing bowls used in our session were designed and developed by Peter Hess Institute, specifically as a healing tools, where each bowl is precisely
tuned to vibrate at the exact frequency corresponding to the natural frequency of a healthy bodily organ, therefore, through resonance, literally tuning, harmonising and restoring body's natural, healthy state of being. This treatment makes each cell of our body vibrate and your whole system remember, how to be well!

Traditional shamanic drumming is an ancient, ancestral method of inducing a state of light to deep trance. This simple and efficient repetitive rhythm technique is used by shamans throughout the globe to travel the Spirit World in order to gain power, insight and guidance, as well as for any other murky business they might be up to during their astral voyages!

The session is lead by Agata and Manuel Craft. Agata is an experienced holistic therapist. She has lifelong passion and love for music and has trained as a sound practitioner at
Peter Hess Institute. She has many years of experience working with aromatherapy and holistic massage, and is a qualified doula. Assisting on the shamanic drum, M. Craft is an experienced shamanic practitioner.

Combining our experience and knowledge, we aim to create a pristine sonic environment for personal transformation, well being and development.

* Please contact us if you would like to be there.

* PayPal £18 ~

Price on the door is £20

* Doors will open at 6.50 pm for start at 7.00pm Important ~ we can only allow 24hrs cancellations due to high number of people interested in joining the gathering. we usually have a waiting list and we would love enough time to be able to make changes before the evening*

Thank you

We call upon all the Divine Beings of Heaven and Earth,
The Sun, The Moon and The Stars,
Our Divine Family,
And All the Kindred Spirits
for their blessing, protection and guidance,

Website : (http://www.makeitsacred.co.uk)

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