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Getting started into tennis has never been easier. Holistic Tennis can help you every step of the way. From picking up a tennis racquet for the very first time, to playing youth/adult tennis and into retirement, we have tennis programmes and offerings to keep you in the swing of things for as long as you wish to play.

With our natural and simple to understand methodology, step by step progression and high percentage of success philosophy in all drills, we'll get you playing and enjoying tennis in the shortest amount of time.

We welcome tennis players who wants to learn all range of the extensive skill & technique and those who wants to progress from rally to simple point or match play.

We forward on starting the tennis journey together!


Try Tennis [Fast results, enjoy tennis fast]

Regular Hitting [Repetition & muscle memory]

Tips & Instruction [Progression of stroke mechanics]

Fitness & Conditioning [Base cardio, strength, speed & recovery]

Mental [Focus , goal setting & dealing with errors and mistakes]


No empty promises

Tennis road map and goal setting

Tennis knowledge that works for individuals


I have taken all of what I learned over the years of playing, and then coaching to develop a unique style of coaching and mentoring that I consider a holistic approach that benefits the player by helping to unleash their full potential. This approach deviates from the conventional approach because it is a customized program that considers all aspects of a player’s technical and physical abilities and, most importantly, his/her mental focus which is often overlooked as the single most important factor in determining success on the court. It is essential to take the time to find out what makes the player “tick.” There is a key to freeing the player’s mind so that they can process the information being offered by the coach. Finding that key is the art of an experienced and effective coach.

Every tennis player possesses a different combination of attributes and levels of ability and must be coached according to their unique combination. The process of teaching and learning has to be individual to each and every player.

I strongly believe that quality time, not quantity time should be spent on the tennis court. Players and coaches should realize that regular, shorter, and structured sessions are more effective and beneficial for a player’s development. However, sessions must be carried out with the player consciously focusing on the present goal and having enough self-discipline not to be distracted during a session. Long and unstructured sessions often result in monotony, and boredom that discourage the ability to stay focused.

Trust and belief in the coach’s abilities and accepting his or her guidance are also one of the cornerstones to success. In order to develop the creativity of the player, the coach requires the players’ full cooperation in order to work freely and fully on behalf of the player. In addition, complete and open communication between player and coach is vital for a player’s development. The right coach is an integral part of an overall program for every player.

These days, talent alone is not a guarantee for becoming a top player. A strong work ethic is essential in order to develop precision, which will play an even greater role in the future game. Having seen and worked with a multitude of players during my career, the successful ones were always those dedicated to the best work ethic.

Having the right tennis coach is essential to any player’s success. The coach must possess a teaching philosophy that looks beyond the technique and bio-mechanics of tennis. He should also delve into motivating factors of the individual in order to help release his or her potential. This will allow the player to use all his mental and physical attributes develop a winning game.

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