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Holistic Light House leases office space and classrooms to teachers, counselors & therapists intent on helping others to grow and heal. Space can be leased hourly- monthly.

Learn tools of intuition, break free of confidence issues, continue your healing journey, break down dogma barriers, meet others with similar interests and aptitudes, get your questions answered and enjoy applying your new knowledge/wisdom with others in a non-judgmental, safe environment with guidance and assistance to confirm insights!

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Free Intro Workshop: Ancient Wisdom Drum Journeying

Holistic Light House

Join Nicholas Freedman, M.S. (Mind-Body Medicine) this evening for a dive into the ancient wisdom traditions. Discover a new (& very old) way to access your own internal guidance system (IGS). For those new to this practice, we will embark on a drum journey to retrieve your primary power or guardian animal, and ask guidance on a practical matter for which you are seeking guidance. In the shamanic cosmology, this is known as the "lower world," or the magical earthly realm of plants, animals, minerals, mythical creatures, magic, and more. This is an intentional process designed to bring you into alignment with your soul's true desire- made manifest in your daily life. All of the details will be covered in-depth prior to the journey. This will be the first of a 9-class series. I will briefly discuss future classes, and how they unite different methods to open your soul to the radical freedom, which is your true birthright. Location: Purple Room- Come right in and register; please do not disturb other sessions taking place in the building. Materials: Eye Cover and pillow for the journey, and a notebook to write down intentions, insights, guidance, or questions. I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces! ~Nicholas~

THERMOGRAPHY: Preventative Education & Health Screening Options

Holistic Light House: Leasing offices & classroom hourly-monthly

Ever wondered what thermography is? What’s the hype all about? Does it really work? If so.. how? What about the results.. what do we do with them?? If any of these questions ever crossed your mind then you’re in the right place!! During this free educational presentation we get to hear from Dr. Anthony Piana, founder & president of Breast Thermography International. He will help us understand all of that!! As well as the importance of proactive, preventative healthcare! Thermography, also called digital infrared thermal imaging, uses a state of the art infrared camera to measure the temperature of the skin’s surface. It is a non-invasive, contact-free, adjunctive screening tool that involves no radiation. These thermal images will show an increase in temperature, indicating a physiological process is taking place. Inflammatory processes in the body produce heat, alerting us to possible health conditions that may be detrimental. Many neurological pathologies present with a significant lack of heat which can be seen on the image as well. There is no screening tool to date that is 100% effective in all cases but when we combine technologies, we can create a more cohesive plan of action. Armed with information, we can work with our bodies and our healthcare practitioners to solve our mysteries and bring about healing!! After the scan has been completed, the images will be sent to a team of interpreting doctors who will analyze them in a three tier process headed by Dr. Alexander Sepper who is an OB and PhD with 33 years of research and practical experience in thermographic imaging. You will receive your results via email to take to your health care practitioner - along with a 30 minute consultation with Louise Milleman, CTT to answer questions and offer lifestyle support. You have the option to schedule a consultation with one of the interpreting doctors as well! Pricing is as follows: $299 - breast health screening $399 - women’s health screening $499 - full body scan Each of these scans include a full written report from our interpreting doctors on the findings and recommendations with all images in greyscale (where vascular system, lymphatic and hormonal mottling patterns can be seen) and rainbow palette (allowing you to see the heat patterns and hypothermic areas). It’s important to have both. ✨✨SPECIAL EVENT DISCOUNT✨✨ $50 off any scan of choice ***Pre-book your session by April 20th and receive an additional $20 off the event discount price!

Psychic & Mediumship Practice w/ Pyxie

Holistic Light House


Pyxie invites you to practice your psychic and mediumship abilities in a supportive and encouraging environment. This practice always includes a great group of Psychics/Mediums and is a non-judgmental group filled with high vibrational energy and lots of fun! Practices are held the first Wednesdays of the month and will have two parts. Part 1 - EXPLORATION! We will cover a new modality / exercise / topic to explore and add to your spiritual tool belt. Depending on how many are in attendance and how much we cover, this part may take up the second half of class. Part 2 - PRACTICE! Bring your cards, pendulum or other tools you use to receive messages as this will be your opportunity to practice your psychic and mediumship abilities. ************************ Hosted By: Pyxie Cost: $10 per person collected at the beginning of class (Cash or Venmo) Parking: Free in parking lot or parking garage next door ************************ MAY 1st - EXPLORING PENDULUMS There's just something magical about pendulums! For this exploration, we will discuss the pros and cons of using this tool. We will then practice using it by playing different games and exercises to get answers! Please bring your own pendulum. If you don't have one...no worries! This practice works on anything that dangles (necklace with a pendant or even something weighted tied at the end of a string). I'll bring whatever extras I may have. No experience necessary! ^_^

Samantha's FREE Law of Attraction; Quantum Consciousness Seminar; $5 Raffle

You are invited to a..... FREE INTUITIVE & QUANTUM MECHANICS PSYCHOLOGICAL DEMONSTRATION describing the full picture of how your consciousness uploads your reality and how to reach your optimum potential by learning the secrets to live joyfully! $5 Raffle for the following prize: Gift Certificate for 2-Hour Intuitive Reading & Counseling Session BRING YOUR FRIENDS! BE ENLIGHTENED & SHIFT YOUR LIFE TODAY! Networking Event: Come meet up with other like-minded people who want to understand the science of intuition. Meet and Greet: A fun night of discovering your own supernatural abilities for self-empowerment. Learn the steps that deliver true results that help you reach your full potential! Learn techniques grounded in neuroscience, quantum physics, general systems theory, unified field theory, psychology and religious & spiritual bodies of knowledge. Holistic Light House 401-B Vernon Street Rosevile, CA 95678

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Psychic & Mediumship Practice with Tana

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