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Holistic Light House leases office space and classrooms to teachers, counselors & therapists intent on helping others to grow and heal. Space can be leased hourly- monthly.

Learn tools of intuition, break free of confidence issues, continue your healing journey, break down dogma barriers, meet others with similar interests and aptitudes, get your questions answered and enjoy applying your new knowledge/wisdom with others in a non-judgmental, safe environment with guidance and assistance to confirm insights!

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NEW TIME!! Quantum Bible Group FREE!!!

Holistic Light House

The goal of this group is to create community and fellowship centered around studying the Bible from a perspective of Quantum Mechanics and to inspire us all to reignite our excitement for the Bible. Whether you have very little experience studying the Bible, you're a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in between all are welcome!

This class is going to be casual. There will not be a specific passage or topic of discussion each week, but rather I want to leave space for Optimum Source or God to speak through each one of you to share whichever verse or passage you'd like better understanding of. Please bring your Bible with you in whatever translation you connect with, as well as an open mind and knowledge seeking attitude. You may also want to bring a notebook/pad, pen, and highlighter for note-taking.

Though this is a free class there will be an invitation for donations based on what you are called to donate. This will help cover the reservation of the space, as well as the time and energy it takes to put the class together. Donations can be made in person at the class or on venmo to @tl_barrett

Please RSVP if you'd like to attend and don't be afraid to bring a friend or share with someone you think may be interested!

I'm so excited to see what Source reveals through us all and look forward to meeting you!


Spiritual Corner Sunday Gathering

Holistic Light House

Spiritual Corner is a growing community of individuals who are interested in spirituality, psychic development, and energy healing. We have a different speaker each time and free energy healing chairs.

Are you looking for a place to find others interested in spirituality, learn about new and fun ways of applying your gifts and a fun spiritual community?

Spiritual Corner is where we meet Sundays to learn about each other’s beliefs and share the gifts we have all been given by spirit. Where we all strive to have open minds and hearts with the common goal of growing spiritually. You can expect inspirational talks, guest speakers, and lots of laughter! When time permits we strive to do free reiki healing chairs and messages from mediums also.

We in the Holistic Lighthouse in Roseville, California From 10am to 12pm. There is a parking structure next to the building or you can park in the parking lot of the bank building. To find us inside the building, go through the door on the right, then make a left down the little hallway-the classroom at the end is where will meet.

Holistic Lighthouse
Purple classroom in back
401 B Vernon Street
Roseville, Ca 95678

Questions? Contact via email: [masked]

Samantha's Socializing Support Group

Holistic Light House

3rd Wednesdays every month, 6pm-7:30pm.


Come meet like-minded individuals to make friends.

Ask Samantha questions of any nature.

Find Group Support for big changes

Held every 3rd Wednesday
$50 due at the beginning of class or Venmo Samantha-Geiger-1.

Holistic Light House
401-B Vernon Street
Roseville CA 95678

Only 15 spots
RSVP required

Quantum Feedback Group - Gain insight & develop your discernment & intuition.

Welcome to the Quantum Feedback Group:

Have you been to one of Samantha’s Quantum consciousness seminar’s or a session?

Are you looking for support developing your intuition & how God/Source/Universe communicates with you?

Are you asking yourself why or how you attracted certain experiences to you?

Are you working on discerning meaning from numbers, songs, animal totems, signs, synchronicities or ailments in everyday experiences?

Do you enjoy getting intuitive readings?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this group is for you!

Hi, I am Chloe Anderson, a Holistic Counselor, Quantum Educator & Gifted Intuitive!

As a compassionate advocate in all things quantum mechanics, pattern recognition & Intuition, I’d love to help you make the most of wherever you’re at on your self-optimization journey.

This is forum designed to support like-minded individuals & to make friends that can offer insight & reflective feedback to you in your process & on your journey.

Ask me (Chloe) questions of any nature.

Feel free to bring your oracle & tarot cards, books, crystals & other tools to use as feedback in the group/class.

The group will offer intuitive mini readings to selected participants, demonstrating the use of different tools & various ways to channel information.

We will be collectively sharing & participating in offering our observations to the participant being read as we make our around the circle. It is so fun, healing & insightful!

4th wednesday of every month. 6:30-9:30pm

I look forward to seeing you there!

Enter a raffle to win a free session. $10 a ticket. Venmo: @Chloe-Anderson-22

The event is Free!

Holistic Light House
401-B Vernon Street
Roseville CA 95678

Only 15 spots available
Please RSVP, Thank you!

Chloe Anderson

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NEW TIME! Samantha's FREE Law of Attraction; Quantum Consciousness Seminar