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In short, Trudy is a Spiritual Alchemist..

Trudy was 5 years old when she discovered that she had the ability to see & feel peoples energy (almost like a collage above their head), she is able to see people lives from birth up to the current day and is drawn in particular to guide people to particular soul disruptions for learning and self-healing..

Her journey since this time has been both challenging yet so insightful. Supporting others with her message, knowledge, skills and supporting people back to their authentic self and living a conscious life is her passion..

She is most interested in empowering people to follow their personal soul guidance...

She has been studying, practising and teaching on the subject of Holistic Behavioural Psychology, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Personal Development and Intuitive Development for the last two decades.

Trudy is a seeker of truth, working to extract as much information as possible, to translate it into simple tools that can be used in everyday life.


Born and educated in Australia, Trudy is an author and contemporary inspirational visionary who serves as an inspiring teacher, spiritual leader and servant of humanity.

As a Conscious Educator and Spiritual Awakening Master she has enjoyed playing a role in supporting people globally to return to their Divine Self. She is a gifted intuitive healer and spiritual teacher who shares a purpose to help people to heal and discover their authentic self. Trudy is empowered to deliver messages of hope and healing.

Her focus is on personal empowerment and personal development, and supporting people to release suffering from their lives and discover a purposeful journey as they fulfil their souls greater potential.

Trudy spent over 15 years in a Senior Government role however she has always been involved in the personal development area. She commenced her own business aged 16 and has operated several since then.

After an unexpected marriage breakdown in 2007 Trudy was given an opportunity to use all of her skills while transitioning into a single mum role. With 2 young boys to raise she made a committment to model to them that there are no mistakes in life, merely opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.

Within months she was conducting Holistic Workshops often with a gathering of 40-50 people per week and she was driven to put pen to paper and in 2010 authored her book 'Design Your Life Now'. Her USA editor (Dr Schwontkowski is well known with her own TV show & holds 5 Degrees) praised Trudy on her efforts of producing a practical workbook tool which highlighted the transformational journey that she undertook, including 30 self reflection exercises.

This book sold out and is not currently in print mode however look out for a revamped version in 2019!


Trudy uses an eclectic approach of practices, including mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural approaches, Gestalt Therapy, Art Therapy, Visualisation Therapy, and Intuitive Connection Therapy (her own brand of therapy).

She has also mastered over 20 modalities/processes including, CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), transactional analysis and gestalt therapy, to name a few. She is a Crystal/Energy Healer, Reiki Master, NLP Master Trainer (neuro linguistic programming), Hypnotherapist & TFT (thought field therapy) and EFT (emotional freedom) practitioner.

During her clinical experience she has also developed many of her own techniques, allowing people to move back onto their Soul path smoothly and in alignment.

She has ran a successful clinic treating a range of trauma and disorders however prides her greatest success in having successfully treated child abuse victims with profound and quick results.

She has in the past spent much of her time training individuals, business and corporate companies in topics such as Communication and, Leadership, educating people on how to improve their own psychology state to achieve results in all areas of life.

She has travelled across Australia running her signature personal growth and development workshops including 'Vision Boards for Success), 'Meditation for Inner Peace', 'Heart Art Healing' and 'Empower Yourself Now' workshops and has touched the lives of thousands of people.

She has also written highly acclaimed Conscious Parenting workshop and plans to continue to write more on this important topic. Trudy is very passionate about embracing the uniqueness of each and every child.

She has been invited to undertake keynote speaker and presenter roles at numerous conferences across Australia including the Millionaire Mindset (Melbourne) and the Australasian Spa Conference in Sydney.

Trudy spent many years contracted by the state government to conduct business training's and coaching for small business clients.


Trudy has managed to do what many have failed to achieve, integrating the ability to maintain work in both the corporate and spiritual fields, and be respected for her work.

Trudy enjoys sharing spiritual wisdom and practical healing techniques. Her gift as being able to see through the many layers of your psyche was afforded to her at birth and she has spent most of her teenage and adult years refining and learning how to accept and manage her numerous gifts.

Her gift as an intuitive allows her to work with both emotional and energetic attachments. As an empath, clairsentient and clairaudient she can intuitively tap into her clients energetic vibration (field) to establish the current block holding them back. It is with these special gifts that allow her to support clients on a much deeper level.

Trudy undertakes a range of techniques with outstanding success. Her desire to achieve the best result for her client has seen her further refine current techniques and also develop her own.

Trudy's Quantum Whole-self Reintegration Therapy is a holistic approach to re-connecting with and recognising that all parts of our diverse self are valuable in contributing to success and following the path of our Soul Journey. She has the ability to serenely pass through each layer with healing energies and you are empowered with the positive elements of your soul experiences.

Trudy possesses a broad array of tools that support body, mind and spirit and her goal is to guide people to remember how to access their own gifts. Her aim to empower you to become your own coach and personal healer.

THE 2015-2018 (current) CHAPTER

During the last 24 months Trudy has experienced some major health issues. Mid 2015 she was unexpectedly rushed to hospital with a range of symptoms. During that period she lost her speech, suffered memory loss, was unable to move, became disoriented and dealt with much physical pain.

During her many hospital stays she set up crystal grids in her room, she meditated, she journalled, she prayed and on 2 occasions she became so tired that the welcoming light calling her became compelling.

Not one but two near death experiences has a profound effect on you.

During one of her hospital visits, she noticed a radiating yet gentle soft white light, she felt too exhausted to go on, however the timely voice of her youngest son asking if 'she was taking him to the train' brought her back. There was a similar occurrence on another occasion however this time she heard both her sons talking to her and she felt herself fully come back into the room. Both times, she asked the nurses if anyone had been in her room but the nurse advised that no visitors had arrived yet.

After these occurrences she undertook meditation and reflection time and it became very clear to her 'that if she wanted to enjoy her time on earth', she had to be committed to choosing to stay, take the learning's from her illness, embrace the uncertainties and full experiences that came with the journey.

She spent much time being tested for many different illnesses however deep down she knew what she needed to do.

She needed to create more 'Balance' in her life & continue to discern from energy that was and wasn't hers. This wasn't the first time that Trudy had encountered this type of physical break down in her body so she was consciously aware of the changes that she needed to make to her life.

Trudy is still in the process of convalescing and is very grateful for the many personal tools that she has used to improve her health, and along with her self treatments, healing gifts from family/friends and her Chinese Dr she is improving in health daily.

We have been receiving many messages and emails from well wishes and sincerely appreciate them all.

We also continue to receive requests for appointments and wish to advise that Trudy will no longer be offering private therapy sessions. We apologise for any inconvenience however she is being guided to prioritise and monitor her health.

2019 - Look out for NEW programs that have been developed and will be released in 2019, including an Empath Series which we are very excited to share with you.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you somewhere soon.

Welcome to Holistic Psychology - Special message from Trudy

I am an empath with Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience abilities and have certainly found the challenges and blessings of being able to hear, see, feel so much an interesting soul journey.

I would like to share my journey and teachings with you so that you may accelerate your learning and growing, perhaps with smoother travels than I endured.


Our aim is to teach people ways to overcome psychological, emotional, energetic and health challenges by regaining balance in life and developing a positive creative approach to living.

The aim of the Holistic Psychology Meetup is to help people connect with themselves and recognise their unique strengths and abilities. We wish to help you move forward positively with power and purpose. Holistic Psychology takes us inside our own consciousness to open up our inner world.

Our aim is to create a place and safe space for the sharing of knowledge and to make new friends with like minded people. The tools of Holistic Psychology are many and varied and are incredibly powerful to generate change, and yet many are simple to implement.

One thing that we have always found the most important is having fun! That's why we aim to keep things light and relaxed, laughter after all releases some great chemicals for our brains. Holistic Psychology helps you Learn, Laugh and Love.

Our sessions may include any of the following topics:

• Empaths, Highly Sensitive People - (Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairempathy (clear emotional feeling), Clairgustance (clear tasting), Clairsentience (clear physical feeling), Clairtangency (clear touching), Clairsalience (clear smelling)

• Energy Management

• Conscious Living eg Conscious Parenting, Conscious Relationships

• Behavioural and Holistic Psychology

• Healing with a range of modalities

• Meditation & Breathing

• Reiki/Theta Healing

• Beliefs and Value Levels

• Goal Setting & the benefits of Vision/Inspiration Boards

• Whole-Self Personal Integration

• Thought Field Therapy/Emotional Freedom Technique

• Human Needs/Love Languages/Communication Styles

• Crystal Grids and Crystal Therapy

• The Unconscious Mind

• Sub-Personalities and the Super Conscious Mind

and anything else that you wish to discuss... Please feel free to email to holpsy@holspy.com.au for anything further.

For those not located on the Gold Coast we have another meetup for you at https://www.meetup.com/Holistic-Psychology-Institute-Global/ so feel free to become a free member of that group.

Until we meet again, may you enjoy many blessed and magical moments.

Much love

Triada (Trudy) & Rob

& the Holistic Psychology Team

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The Sanctuary (Gold Coast) - OPENING SOON
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Dear beautiful souls, We have much pleasure in announcing that The Holistic Psychology Institute is soon opening a beautiful new space 'The Sanctuary'. Official date opening and address details coming soon. Triada (Trudy has reverted to her birth name) has been guided to share with you NEW sessions, NEW workshops and NEW teachings and looks forward to seeing you again very soon. The last 2 1/2 years have been extremely challenging with her numerous hospitilisation's and health issues however it has been a great gift of learning's and allowed for expansion of her gifts...she has some really amazing new insights to share with you. Have you noticed how fast life is going? We are speeding into the future, and it is therefore even more imperative that you stay consciously in 'the present'.. Spring is coming and everyone is feeling the SHIFTS taking place, the urge to walk in your truth, and the need to stand up for what you truly value. Amongst it all you may be noticing your shorter than normal fuse or more irritated, angry or short tempered energies around you. So many changes are taking place as we express our boundaries and communicate our truths. It remind's us of the need for compassion – not only for others but also for ourselves. This yearly conjunction remind's us that we’ve closed out another cycle and are about to start a new chapter.cycle. This cycle pertains to our sense of understanding the complexities and un-predicatibility of life. ‘The Sanctuary’ has been created as a safe and loving space to support and guide you as you transition through this new cycle. This is a year of 'newness'. An opportunity to consciously step away from that which no longer serves you and embrace all that fuels you as you navigate and travel your 'true' soul path. The desire to connect with like minded people (your tribe) may become even stronger and ‘The Sanctuary’ will offer a range of opportunities to do so. Space is being made for your next opportunity to flow gracefully into your life. We look forward to warmly welcoming you at 'The Sanctuary' soon so that we can connect and share amongst vibrations of peace, love and joy. Here’s to new beginnings… Much love The Holistic Psychology Institute Team x

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