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This group, called "Holistic Touch" (named after a Healing Technique), is a group that creates a practical forum to learn and develop a deeper sense of connection with other people.

We're all human and we all want to feel connected. Holistic Touch events focus on creating and strengthening this sense of connection in a safe, respectful, and friendly way. Holistic Touch events include classes, seminars, and social events that provide an opportunity for you to learn and experience giving and receiving various types of person-to-person connection.

Holistic Touch plans events that focus on the following:

* Massage -- various types
* Subtle Energy Work -- sensitivity and control
* Chakra (cleansing, balancing, opening)
* Energy Meridian Work
* Energetic Connection--immediate and remote
* Tantric Exercises for opening the heart
* Tantric Exercises for greater emotional freedom
* Carrying Intent in your body
* Calming and Invigorating Meditations: engaging all the Chakra
* Creative Life Affirmations
* Shifting your Subconscious Habits for Success
* "How to Hug"
* Enjoying each Moment and Celebrating Life

These events are intended for people who are (or want to be) open-minded, open-hearted, touch-positive, energetically alive, optimistic, and warmly connected. Come to learn; come to share. Bring a friend; make a friend. Discover a new, deeper level of happiness already within yourself. Discover what you can do and what you truly are. Be a part of Holistic Touch.

Geographically, Holistic Touch is centered in San Jose, CA.
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NOTE: Membership in this group is open to everyone who is sincerely interested in self-development and in community development. This group thrives on your energy and what you bring. Together we can enjoy living in an abundance of support, compassion, connection, and love.

PS: If you are a practitioner in any of these areas and are interested in teaching, please contact me directly. Also contact me if you have an interest in becoming an Assistant Organizer and helping with events :-)

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