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Welcome to Hollitown Self-Help & Performance Psychology.

This is an exciting group! In our meetings, we will explore psychology theory at an advanced level as well as self-exploration aspects of performance arts.

I am a professional performance coach (since 2005) and college psychology instructor (with an M.S. degree in general psychology).

Out of my experience, I have built programs that have led numerous students to create meaningful personal change, break through personal barriers, and even achieve massive industry success (Tony Honors, Grammy nomination, and more).

This meetup group is being formed to help organize live events. We will have regular meetings at the Open Book Bookstore on Soledad Canyon Rd! Even if you think that's a bit far for you, come. It will be well worth your effort to join us. : )

To participate in most of our events, you will be asked to purchase training materials and to prep yourself in advance. Many, if not all, of the materials will be under $15 and are available to order online. This prep is extremely important and should be considered a requirement.

I have also created a free podcast series for you to use with your training materials to get ready for our training events. And, I have plans for more. You might even be able to participate in an episode if you are interested.

If you join our group, please RSVP for an upcoming event, and if you RSVP, please be SURE to come. If you are a no-show for an event, you may be dropped from the group. The goal here is to challenge yourself to grow. That means putting in the prep work and showing up, right? ; )

Who should join us..? Literally everyone on the planet will benefit from participation in this group. I've had previous students report some amazing results that have come from working with me. One said she evaluated her relationship patterns and was able to leave an abusive relationship, another told me she had reduced her social anxiety, several told me they helped their children or siblings advance in academics where these children had been struggling, others have reported creating better family relationships, and still others have used what they have learned to develop management programs at work that resulted in improved work conditions and increased sales (one student even told me she earned a promotion and $4 an hour raise from using what she learned with her supervisor at work)!

What will you do with what you learn..?

Let's find out.

Sign up now, and I will see you soon!


In the meantime, here are some links for you..

Training Workbook #1 on Amazon:


Hollitown Podcast:


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