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Hiring and Paying Cast & Crew with (free online meetup)
To attend this free online meetup on how to hire cast and crew legally and swiftly through sign up at is a one-stop platform producers can use to hire cast and crew legally. You can hire actors and crew already listed on the platform or invite anyone you want to work with to join the platform so you can hire them. Castifi provides workers comp for all employees, handles all tax forms, all payroll and tax payments, and provides a suite of tools that let producers track time, provide payroll bumps and make hourly adjustments on the fly, lets them make offers to actor or crew member on or off the platform, etc. The platform supports union and non-union employees, and collects/pays all union related fees automatically. You can use this platform to cast actors and hire crews for short films, features, web series, audio books, audio dramas, live theater and events. Attend this online event to learn: * How to sign up as a Producer on the Castifi platform * How Cast and/or Crew sign up on the Castifi platform * How Much it Costs to Employ People Through the Platform (1.4 x Hourly Wage on Average) * How Producers hire cast and crew through the platform * How the Castifi Android and iPhone App sends offers to Cast and Crew * How Producers Get Tax Forms and Releases Signed through Castifi * How Producers Approve Time Sheets * How Cast & Crew Can Track Payments Approved and Payments Made The State of California and the IRS require producers to pay all actors and crew on their sets as employees even if they are only working for a single day. They require producers to provide workers compensation insurance, get signatures on tax forms, and pay payroll taxes on time. There are very, very, few exceptions to these rules. The risks and liabilities associated with not legally employing your cast and crew and failing to provide them with workers comp insurance are very high. Castifi provides a secure, user friendly, one-stop solution that allows producers large and small to safely, legally, hire the pros they need to legally produce great content. If you have questions about this event, please email [masked]. Nancy Fulton Meetup Testimonials “ Awesome ” — Raffaele Marraffa on Oct 16, 2017. “ Awesome, met lots of good people! ” — Alexander K on Aug 20, 2016. “ Excellent and accessible. ” — Maccana on Apr 8, 2016. “ Thank you, Nancy! ” — Camille Bacos on Jun 13, 2015. “ Always great topics, information and speakers. ” — Lee Forgang on Dec 5, 2017. “ it's a great place to start, love the group ” — tyson v on Sep 10, 2017. “ Worthwhile venues, quality people. Nancy Fulton puts a lot of energy into each event. ” — Lauren Bell on Jul 31, 2017. “ Fantastic group! ” — Elena on May 6, 2017. “ I had a good time ” — james on Nov 22, 2016. “ This is the best Meetup! Nancy does an excellent job each time we have an event! ” — Ericka on Mar 3, 2016. “ More ditto!!! ” — Takara Kane on Feb 7, 2016. “ We have the most interesting and action filled fact and method meetings! ” — Constance Golden on Sep 19, 2015. “ It's like what I tell the waiter when he asks how my meal was. I just show him my clean plate. I left with a clean plate today. I'll be back. ” — Saul Isler on Sep 5, 2015. “ Really great! Nancy did a great job! ” — Redd Kaiman on Apr 16, 2015.

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