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How to Create Merchandise (including Apps) Fast and Free (Read Description)
To sign up for the how to create merchandise from your intellectual property Online Workshop, go to If you've never attended one of our online events, you can watch a recorded workshop on how to work with a professional artist to get storyboards for your film and illustrations for your book. It's free for you to review until Dec 19: About the How to Create Merchandise Event . . . Working authors, screenwriters, producers, performers and other creative professionals need to learn how to create “Merch” so they can earn more from their work In this live online event, which you can attend by computer, iphone, android or standard telephone, you will learn: * How to create custom CDs, DVDs, books, booklets, key chains, coffee cups, clothing, calendars, and thousands of other objects that carry logos, branding, stories, video, audio, etc. * How to use branded objects to find new customers, become memorable to key decisionmakers, prove the value of your intellectual property, and increase the revenue you earn from your audience. * How to sell objects without having to buy them first and without having to ship them. * Why supporting your work by selling merchandise often works better than asking for donations. * Why designing and creating high quality, meaningful, useful merchandise is a good investment in both the short and long term. As a creative professional who wants to earn a living from your work, knowing how to create, package, give away, and sell merchandise is a critical skill. It allows you to side step waiting for others to handle these tasks and gives you more creative control over how you and your work are represented.

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The Hollywood Entertainment Industry Meetup is aimed to help entertainment industry entrepreneurs, professionals, producers, directors, artists, musicians, writers, talent representatives, and all others involved in Hollywood. Our group brings together people from all aspects of the entertainment industry, including Film, Television, Music, Theater, Fashion, Literature, Photography and all others. Regular meetups are designed to bring like minded individuals together to create resources, connections, and business strategies in order to succeed in the entertainment industry. We bring our talents together so we can collectively corroborate on the best ways to produce, market, and succeed in our entertainment projects. Focus will be on all legal issues and business aspects associated with the entertainment industry.

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