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Welcome! This is the meetup for you if you are looking for great meetups that will help you thrive here in Hollywood. The Entertainment Industry is filled with pitfalls for folks who do not understand the fundamentals.

Do you know how to protect your screenplays? Do you know how to raise money for your projects and earn money from them? What do you know about bank funding, grants, working with investors, and selling your work to distributors? Get practical insight and answers to your questions in our live workshops. The vast majority are free.

We also maintain a library of past recorded workshops. You can find it at https://nancyfultonmeetups.uscreen.io/catalog

If you have questions, email me at nancy@nancyfultonmeetups.com. I look forward to being of service to you.

Nancy Fulton

PS: This group was originally founded by Justin Sterling Esq. of The Sterling Firm, A Professional Law Corporation, based in West Hollywood, California, focusing on General Civil Litigation, Business Law, Entertainment Law, and Intellectual Property.  Justin's an amazing person and a very effective and insightful legal representative. If you're looking for legal help or advice, reach out to him at . . . 
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Converting a Screenplay into a Book (Click Link in Description to Attend)

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About This Workshop
One of the best ways to make sure you earn a good living as a screenwriter is to ensure the screenplays you can't sell become books people love.

You've invested months or years in creating your content, and you have to make sure that investment pays off or it's time and money down the drain.

A book that sells well becomes very attractive to producers looking for content to invest in, and the fact that you already have a screenplay for producers to look at gives you an edge.

In this workshop you learn exactly how to turn your screenplays into books you can sell, and you find out how you can publish them or pitch them to publishers.

This is a great workshop to attend now that the WGA is on strike. Screenplays may be hard to sell, but books are booming.

You'll learn:

  • Tools that make turning books into screenplays much easier.
  • Why new trends in books actually favor screenplay authors.
  • How to revise and update screenplay plots and characters to make a good book work.
  • Choosing the right point of view and a tense for your book project.

If you have questions about this workshop, please email [masked].

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