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Welcome! The Hollywood Entertainment Industry Meetup helps entertainment industry entrepreneurs, professionals, producers, directors, artists, musicians, writers, talent representatives, and all others involved in Hollywood move forward on their careers. We have frequent meetups and often have guest speakers and panelists. You can find out what's coming up and get access to resources we create for group members by visiting at http://www.nancyfultonmeetups.com .

Questions? Please email nancy.fulton@yahoo.com. I look forward to being of service to you.

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This group was originally founded by Justin Sterling Esq. of The Sterling Firm, A Professional Law Corporation, based in West Hollywood, California, focusing on General Civil Litigation, Business Law, Entertainment Law, and Intellectual Property. Justin's an _amazing_ person and a very effective and insightful legal representative. If you're looking for legal help or advice, reach out to him at . . .

www.thesterlingfirm.com (http://www.thesterlingfirm.com/),

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FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP: How to Write a Memoir or Biography Swiftly

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To sign up for this free online workshop you go to https://nancyfulton.gumroad.com/l/LrYgI/g8sa80s

About this Workshop

When you are celebrity, or have successfully made tremendous transitions in your life, writing a biography can be personally, professionally, and financially fulfilling. It's a way to share with family, friends, peers, and professional contacts what makes you different and unique. It gives you a way to share the important lessons you've learned. Your book can also serve as a message in a bottle from you to the future. The book you make available for sale on Amazon today can sell for decades without any further involvement from you.

Writing a biography about someone you know and love is a powerful way to share them with the work. Writing a well-researched biography about someone important, famous, or infamous can be a way to write a very popular and financially successfully book quickly. These films can serve as the basis for movies, plays and other media.

This workshop teaches you how to write a memoir or biography quickly. Bonus resources you get right after order cover Copyright and Right of Publicity.

Topics covered in this live online workshop include:

Why memoirs, biographies, and true life stories often have significant emotional, historical, and financial value.
How to swiftly and accurately gather the historical facts you need to write your book.
How to conduct interviews with family, friends, and other experts to collect stories that make your work unique, and uniquely sellable.
How to use a modified version of the interview process to collect your own stories and insights swiftly and with far less typing.
How to quickly and very cost-effectively turn several hours of interviews into many pages of written text you can incorporate into your book.
How recording interviews can make your work easier to sell from a variety of perspectives.
Finding the themes and through lines that will make your book a great read that is also easy to market.
How to incorporate great images and artwork into your book so it sells better and people like it more.
How to swiftly and very cost-effectively get your book edited and formatted for publication.
Acquiring a cover for your book that makes it look and sell better.
How a lawyer can help you navigate issues of privacy, defamation, copyright, and work-for-hire agreements that may come up as you write your book.

Kind Words about Previous Workshops

“ Nancy you are amazing. Thank you for doing all this to benefit all of us newcomers. ” — DP

“ Very relevant and helpful. Nancy, you're doing a great job! Thank you! ”

— Pamela Davis

“ Nancy is amazing and such a gift to the filmmaking community. ”

— Jim Henson

“ Nancy, you amaze me with your giving spirit and ability to bring such great guests on board. Thanks for all you do to help us excel in our careers. ”

— Susan Shearer

“ A very useful, educational resource that is incredibly generous in giving knowledge and expertise to the film making community. ”

— Pippa Hinchley

“ Good information resource. Well organized. ”

— JB

“...Always lots of great information. It's very obvious that she puts a lot of work into these seminars for us (slide shows, audio recordings, coordinating guest speakers, etc.). I am very grateful and appreciative to her and her guests for their time and talent to help further our careers. ”

— Jodi

“ ..interesting, innovative approach. thank you, Nancy! ”

— Camille Bacos

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Patti Pelton Expert Workshop on Using Product Placement to Produce Profitably

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