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Friday night gaming • 11/16/2018 • Meet #95
Am I the only person in this group old enough to remember the day Luke and Laura got married? Why not mark the day by hiding bodies at the Healthy Heart Hospital? 5pm--or whenever you get there--at Shakey's. There's plenty of room, tons of food, good-sized tables and -- Yes! -- parking! Bring whatever games you like. And post game info or play requests on the Meetup board. Questions? Drop me a line. Or check out pics from previous meets.

Shakey's Pizza Parlor

7001 California Route 2 · Los Angeles, CA


What we're about

<<<< Please read these first 3 things...

1. You must be an accepted member to attend events.

2. We only accept new members who meet the following:

• Have a profile that has an actual name

• Have a profile that has a picture (preferably of you)

• Who answer the group questions

• Seem to be a good fit (mostly, do you play well with others and are you genuinely interested)

3. Above all, the group is open to people of any age, ethnicity, gender, intro/extroversion, political persuasion, you name it.

On to the details >>>

The What

Games, board games, tabletop games, strategy games, party games. You know, games. We've played almost everything in the picture below, and probably hundreds more. If you're a pro or someone who has heard that board games are popular again, then come play. You can check out our pictures to see games we've recently played.

The Where

We are in the West Hollywood / Hollywood / Fairfax area. And there is usually free parking. Truth. Sometimes we play here...

And sometimes here and elsewhere...

The Who

We're averaging 20 - 30 people weekly. This is a group and event for anyone interested in board (tabletop) gaming. Once someone visits once, they come back. That's because we've built a great group of people. We have a nice balance of men and women, ages and backgrounds.

The When

We meet most weeks, either on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons. Details are in the invite. If you're interested in other days and times, let us know.

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