Holotropic Breathwork Circle

Holotropic Breathwork Circle ... Welcome 🙏
Holotropic Breathwork Circle ... Welcome 🙏
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90 minute holotropic breathwork session facilitated by Jimmy Eyerman, MD (http://www.jameseyerman.com/p/about.html).

AS SPACE IS LIMITED: if you need to cancel, please, kindly update your RSVP ASAP (and not at the last minute) in case there is a waitlist. Please sign up for the wait list even if the meetup is full, as there are often cancellations a few days in advance. All waitlisted members are notified once cancellations occur (if you'd like to receive email notifications, please turn them on for this meetup).

Please bring:

• Yourself in a well rested condition, in loose comfortable clothing, and not having eaten solid food for a few hours.

• Blankets or sleeping bag, eye shades and pillow.

• Your favorite water bottle or drink. If you have dietary restrictions, special snack foods you might want for afterwards during the experience sharing period

• An open mind and an open heart

• Please let me know ahead of time if you have any special needs.

Suggested donation range $80-100

First time breathworkers: please listen to the interview below, and message James Eyerman with any questions or concerns.

Smart Drugs interview: Holotropic Breathwork, DIY Psychedelia with James Eyerman, MD


Eyerman, James. A Clinical Report on Holotropic Breathwork in 11,000 Psychiatric Inpatients in a Community Hospital Setting, MAPS Bulletin Special Edition, 2013 https://maps.org/news-letters/v23n1/v23n1_24-27.pdf

Eyerman, James. Holotropic Breathwork: Models of Mechanism of Action, Journal of Transpersonal Research, 2014 http://www.academia.edu/9759923/Holotropic_Breathwork_Models_of_Mechanism_of_Action

Stan Grof Interview https://youtu.be/3uCySQOMB-4