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Breathwork Northwest offers Holotropic Breathwork™ (as created by Stan Grof, M.D., PhD) workshops in the Seattle and Bellingham Areas. Holotropic Breathwork is a deep and powerful means of healing that allows physical, emotional and spiritual healing experiences to take place. It is a highly experiential method that combines deep breathing, evocative music, focused bodywork, mandala drawing & group sharing.

Holotropic Breathwork is based on insights from modern consciousness research, depth psychology, Eastern perspectives & spiritual practices. Its developer Stanislav Grof, M.D. is one of the founders of the field of Transpersonal Psychology (along with Abraham Maslow), and one of its leading pioneers. The basic premise is that we all have a deeper wisdom, or knowing within that lies beneath our left-brain, thinking mind. If we can get out of our own way and allow the spontaneous healing potential of the psyche to come forth, we will move towards greater healing, authenticity and inner peace in our lives. Just as your body instinctively acts to heal a cut, your psyche also will instinctively guide you towards the healing that is most salient for your individual process.

In Holotropic Breathwork, the emphasis is on creating a safe and sacred space in which each participant can surrender fully to all the sensations, feelings, experiences, energy movement, visions, etc. that may arise during a session. Among other things, it is a space to allow full expression of whatever is wanting/needing to be expressed, whether that be grief or bliss, anger, love, spiritual visions, bodily energy flow, or whatever else lies inside you and is ready to come forth. Holotropic Breathwork is highly aligned with the principles of Vipassana meditation. Stanislav Grof regularly conducts workshops with Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield.

Some comments from people who have taken our Holotropic Breathwork workshops:

After the breathwork, I felt cleansed, open-minded, and openhearted. —R.L.

The effects of this workshop were longer-lasting than any hour of counseling I've ever been to. –N.M.

I was blown away that I could enter another state through such a simple, natural technique; side-stepping the logical mind was so valuable, and I feel more emotionally whole and alive since. —K.P.

The workshop helped me feel safe to crawl out of my shell. It was a great body/mind/spirit tuneup. --Anonymous

I found the Holotropic Breathwork experience to be very valuable. It was a time to go inside, quiet my mind and allow what ever wished to emerge. —D.C.

During the session, I felt as if I were fishing for treasures of the deep on the open ocean, but instead of baiting my hooks for buried treasure with my intellect, I found treasures I wasn’t looking for. Better yet, I was rediscovering all those neglected treasures which had been part of my boat all along. --C

The following groups of people have reported that Holotropic Breathwork has been beneficial for them:

1) Those who want to experience the power of the breath to heal and connect

2) Those who want to expand their consciousness

3) For anyone who wants their creativity to flow more freely

4) Anyone interested in spirituality and personal exploration who wants to meet, be around and/or make friends with like minded individuals

5) Yoga students who want to clear away the emotional and spiritual blocks that keep them from going deeper into their practice

6) Anyone who is recovering from trauma

7) Those who want to release emotional or physical symptoms and unproductive behavior patterns which may be negatively impacting their life and are rooted in long-forgotten events buried deep within the unconscious

8) For anyone who would like to connect more deeply or re-connect to the spiritual side of life

9) For anyone dealing with a physical illness who feels drawn to look inward for possible psychosomatic components of the illness

10) For "adventurers of the spirit" — those who want to follow Socrates' advice to "Know Thyself"

11) Those who want to deepen their capacity to feel "present," both with themselves and with others

12) Those who want to feel more authentic

13) Those who want to build a deeper trust in their capacity to access their inner wisdom and intuition to improve their lives

Workshops are typically an all-day Saturday experience (approx 8:45am to 9:00pm) and include lunch & dinner.

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