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Holy Smokers are weekly informal gatherings for refreshment, fellowship, and free-wheeling discussion, with good food, drinks, fine tobacco, fresh air, great music... If you're interested, you're welcome. We meet every Friday (or another night, occasionally) at 6:30pm, at Holy Smokers Pub, a comfy room & balcony at my Addison apartment. Details:
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Fun FAQs:
When should I arrive? - Come whenever you wish, and stay as long as you like. I'll be enjoying the evening from about 6:30 until at least 11:30, or until the last friend departs.
What should I bring? - We have good Scotch, beer, wine, soft drinks, food, cigars (and plenty of fresh air), and even a spare pipe or two. You needn't bring anything, but if you wish, feel free to bring a few beers, a bottle to share, a bag of chips, pico, salsa or some other simple appetizer, cigars, etc.
What if it's cold, rainy, or hot & muggy? - We'll stay comfy. The Pub is covered, enclosed, climate controlled, and well ventilated.
What's a Holy Smoker ? - A smoker is an informal social gathering, not for men only (women are welcome and often attend Holy Smokers), but promoting social activities typically associated with men-only parties, such as cigar and pipe smoking, drinking of adult beverages, vigorous debate and discussion, back-slapping, hooting, hollering, brawling, etc. (No brawling yet. ) - A Holy Smoker is a periodic gathering in a comfy room & balcony at my apartment in Addison, inspired by and loosely modeled after a weekly gathering that I enjoyed for several years in Austin.
Why do you call it a HOLY Smoker? - (1) I started these events primarily because of the model, inspiration, and encouragement that I received from various Presbyterian church friends in Dallas and Austin, and (2) I like the play on words.
What's the point? - Our goals are (1) to relax and enjoy a pleasant evening with good company, and (2) to encourage and edify each other via good, honest, hearty, engaging discussion.
Discussion? Of what? - Oh, I don't know. Nothing in particular. Whatever seems worthwhile, interesting, and fitting: big ideas, great books, philosophy, film, theology, music, ethics, life ...
Philosophy? Theology? Beer? Cigars? Well, maybe this isn't for me! - Be not discouraged! It's OK if you don't know Plato from Plutarch, Paulaner from Pabst, or Partagas from Padron. You're not required to read, say, drink, or smoke anything. In fact, we welcome you even if you're an illiterate, nonsmoking teetotaler, as long as you don't mind that most of us DO enjoy such things. (Actually, I was a nonsmoking teetotaler most of my life, but eventually I repented.)
I hate smoke! - Please let me at least try to alleviate your concern: (1) Smoking is always optional at our "smokers." Sometimes nobody smokes, and usually no more than 2 or 3 do. (2) Those who smoke usually don't start until 8:30 or later, so if you come relatively early in the evening, you should be able to enjoy a good smokeless hour or two, at least. (3) There's plenty of ventilation, so smoke never accumulates. (4) One way or another, we'll try to accommodate, if nothing else, by offering you upwind seating. And (5) Always remember: Moderate cigar & pipe smoking may actually be good for you**.
Do women attend? - Yes! We tend to draw mostly men, and we enjoy stuff typically associated with men-only parties, but women are welcome and do regularly attend.
How many attend? Expect a group of about 6 to 12 people. About 400 folks have attended from time to time (including about 70 women). On particular nights, we've had as many as 24 (once) and as few as 1 (twice). In recent months, we've had from 4 to 18, with an average of 10.

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