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This is a meetup for anyone who wants to join a group or even meet 1 on 1 to learn bible basics in a fun way and learn why any of us should believe in Jesus Christ's teachings sent from God over all other faiths. God said there would be many false prophets after Christ's time, which may raise a few eyebrows... however it would not just be 1 but many false prophets and false spiritual teachers after Christ's resurrection even though some of the false things taught by Islam is that Jesus never died on the cross to be resurrected and that he isn't the Son of God according to the belief of Muslims. Yet Muslims do believe that Jesus was born of a virgin woman without a human father and they say they believe in Christ's teachings (even though Jesus said himself that only those who believe in Him and his instruction through God the father would see the Father) Muslims also believe Jesus is the only Prophet God spoke to, who will come back on Judgement day NOT their prophet Mohammad so maybe they should ask their Quaranic scribes why Mohammad decided to pick and choose only the old testament of the bible to included in the Quran and not everything including the New testament teachings of Christ if they believed and revered him so much like they say? Sounds like some false teaching by a false prophet as Jesus foretold of in the New Testament but of course they wouldn't know that since these teachings were left out of the Quran for political purposes of Mohammad's time.

God sent Jesus to teach and remind people to stop praying to false idols of man made images of carved wood, stone or other materials or drawings of what they made God to look like such as in the Hindu religion and other native tribal religions because no one has ever seen God the Father. Jesus also taught people to stop pagan rituals of human and animal sacrifices (as an offering to God to get what they want which every race on the planet did in the past) and still goes on in many countries today with satanic cults and gangs performing blood sacrifices of innocent people and babies including abortion as an example in this country and elsewhere, and suicide bombers sacrificing women, children and uneducated men to carry out extremist offerings to God by murdering groups of people they don't approve of by sacrificing their own lives to the God they call Allah (except the 1 true God's commandment through Moses was "Thou Shall Not Kill") so I don't understand how their foolish thinking can account as being right by their God's standards when they also have the 10 commandments as part of their old testament. The amount of human sacrifice that still goes on today shows how dysfunctional the human experience still is. Native Indian tribes and many cultures sacrificed the blood of thousands to keep their Sun God glorifies so the Sun would not lose it's light) This is why God the Father sacrificed his Son Jesus "who was the light in the darkness" to show people he was making the last and final human sacrifice of himself for all, and that they no longer needed to practice these false, foolish beliefs of murdering innocent people and animals who are his creation. This is why the world needs God more than ever, but not just any God. The world needs to know the God that sent Jesus who died for their worldy sins of killing, lying, stealing, adultery, coveting and everything else, and then was resurrected to life 3 days later to show not even death could keep the Son of God in the ground like the rest of us mortals, and that he is an immortal God in the flesh who still lives and will return on Judgement Day and given authority to judge us by His Father God. He wants a personal relationship with the whole world and with whoever will believe in him, so that whoever believes in Jesus and his purpose would be saved after this life from eternal hell fire of punishment of sins we have not walked away from yet, and this is a very real place not to scare anyone but for educational purposes. Come learn in depth of what all this really means.

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