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You can connect with active homeschooler/unschoolers on Pune Homeschoolers Google group. Here is group email id punehomeschoolers@googlegroups.com

Our childhood and school was full of fun. But we know there is something terribly wrong with our educational system which is highly commercialised, un-ncesessarily competitive, having lots of tests, measuring intelligence ONLY with marks & percentages, having fixed routine & batch system and worst of all having de-motivated teachers... Lets puts children back at the centre of education. Lets explore better ways to schooling.

Are you frustrated with current education system?
Do you feel you never got real education to prepare them for real life? and your kids are NOT getting it either?
Do you feel helpless when you are not able to help your kids to deal with new ways of life?

You want your kids to enjoy school?
Do you want to educate your kids to live a responsible life?
You want to empower your kids for 21st Century?

Are you thinking of Unschooling or Homeschooling your children?

Are you already a practising homeschooling parent?

Lets start questioning school system and build new one for Curious kids!

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