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Talk on "Importance of Sleep for Kids and Adults" by Dr.Wahida
Dear Friends, SLEEP is vital to our well being regardless of whether we are adults or children. The once gentle process of tucking children into bed for the night has turned into battle for many parents. In her novel 'The Women in the Castle' Jessica Shattuck states "...When the children had been elaborately and painfully put to bed (there was homework to help with, night-lights to leave on, snacks to bring upstairs), as if they were being prepared for a frightening and arduous journey rather than the 'luxury of sleep'. These lines capture the experience for many families. So, How can we return to the "luxury of sleep?" Come, join us for a discussion lead by Dr.Wahida Murthy, from Bengaluru about 'Importance of Sleep' for the well-being of the young child and adult. With her many years of experience Dr.Wahida would help us understand: Is the very natural rhythm of waking and sleeping in its harmony? How are they connected? How can one deepen this connect and revitalize oneself everyday? How different essential aspects of life are deeply connected? About the talk: Date: Saturday, 21st July 2018. Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm Venue: Swadhaa Waldorf learning centre, Pashan-sus road, Pashan, Pune. Charges: Rs.350 per person , Rs.250 per person for Swadhaa community. The seats are limited so pre-registration is compulsory. For registrations, make payment in the Swadha office directly or on same day. For more details, kindly contact[masked] or write to [masked]. About Dr.Wahida Murthy: Dr.Wahida, is a graduate in M.B.B.S. from J.N. Medical college, Belgaum and holds a post-graduate in Otolaryngology from Bangalore Medical college, Bengaluru. She is the Indian cordinator for the Anthroposophic Art therapy course. She is the founder director of the Murthy Health and Research Centre as well as The Amrutha Integrated Health Centre - An Anthroposophic clinic, Bengaluru. Regards, Namrata Events and Media outreach Co-ordinator Swadhaa Waldorf Learning Centre Orange Life Building Pashan Sus Road Pashan Pune -[masked]

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Our childhood and school was full of fun. But we know there is something terribly wrong with our educational system which is highly commercialised, un-ncesessarily competitive, having lots of tests, measuring intelligence ONLY with marks & percentages, having fixed routine & batch system and worst of all having de-motivated teachers... Lets puts children back at the centre of education. Lets explore better ways to schooling.

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