What we're about

Calling all Artists, Crafters, Makers, Performers, Storytellers, Musicians, Writers, Dancers, Singers, Actors, Tinkerers, Inventors, Programmers, Speakers, Painters, Sculptors, and all Creative Minds.

The art of Creative Living has been defined by some as "Living more from Curiosity than from Fear".

In this group, we want to answer questions like:

1. How can we do our Creativity more?

2. How can we better handle the practicalities - money, space, time, supplies, partnerships, etc.

3. How can we communicate about our work, so we attract more enjoyers of it?

4. How can we "go pro" with our craft and earn income, without selling out?

5. How can we use technology to showcase & spread our work?

6. How can we continue to evolve as Creators, stay true to ourselves, and stay on our own cutting edge?


Let's let the Light out together!

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