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Skin Care Preparation and Hands-on Face Care Routine: Level 2
Maximum 5 participants to allow a very interactive and practical session. The entire course entails 2 sessions of 4 hours each. Each session costs £40. If you take Session 1 and Session 2 the cost will be £70. The session will run as follows: Herbs for skin: We will be drinking a herbal tea for the skin Homemade Natural Skin Care Preparation: We will prepare: Food based natural cleanser, Herbal toner, Herbal face scrub, Purifying face masks, Moisturizer face cream, Body Butter, Lip balm, Deodorant, Bath Salts Food for skin: We will be sharing a snack with ingredients to boost the skin health Yin face massage: A massage will be explained and we will do it together. Hands-on skin care routine: We will practice together: cleanse, exfoliate, mask, tone, moisturise. You will receive a free bamboo towel The session includes: Create awareness on why to use homemade natural skin care Share knowledge about the best herbs, food and natural ingredients for the skin health Feel connected with each other while we prepare the recipes and experience the skin care routine and facial massage together Provide you with the basics and additional tips to create your own recipes Practice a skin care routine: cleanse, exfoliate, mask, tone, moisturise. You will receive a bamboo face cloth to take home. Share breaks with herbal teas and healthy snacks to boost the skin You will take home: List of suppliers, recommended reading and useful equipment, list of best oils depending the kind of skin you have, wrapping and gifts tips, bamboo face cloth, small samples of the products we prepare and most important the happiness of having an afternoon nurturing your face, loving yourself and sharing with others. For more details please send email to: [masked] • What to bring 30 ml empty and sterilized dark glass jars 100 ml empty and sterilized dark glass bottle The jars and bottle can be any container but if you are planning to produce your own products I highly recommend to get glass and amber/dark containers. Avoid plastic. Headband to tie the hair • Important to know Please share any food intolerances one week before the workshop

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Hello Londoners,
I'm Claudia Victoria, a transformation and change catalyst. I have been working for the last 20 years with the corporate world, enabling behavioural transformation to achieve objetives.
In the last 5 years, I started my focus in individuals, promoting deep transformation in the different areas of the wheel of life: Health, Finance, Relationship, Spirituality, Community and Friendship. I'm a passioned about bringing people together to share knowledge and synergies and promoting a life style based on natural nurturing and simple living.
This group is about sharing with you some knowledge in healthy life style and DYI. The activities are more than a workshop, as this is the opportunity to share as individuals, be ourselves and have a sense of community.
I'll be running sessions around cooking and nutrition courses and homemade skin and body care. The sessions will be interactive.
Hope to have you around to share knowledge together.
Claudia Victoria

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