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Homeschoolers were NOT meant to ALWAYS stay home. With that said, I do understand that there are many different types of homeschoolers and some stay home a lot more than others. Nobody is judging here, but all homeschoolers should EVENTUALLY leave the house and see how many more ways there are to learn any thing.

This group was formed to enable homeschooled children to get out, socialize, explore, learn, and meet new friends. It is also a group that is geared towards supporting other homeschooling parents through this tough journey. We also look forward to meeting new friends, exploring, and learning alongside our children. Although I do understand that parents CONSIDERING homeschooling, need help and support as well, I do want to be clear that this is NOT just a playgroup. Almost everything we do is educational and the children have to be able to walk, talk, and understand a lot of the field trips and places we go. Therefore, there will be no children accepted in this group that are under the age of 5 (unless they are siblings of a kindergartener or higher aged child).

There are certain things we can't do as homeschoolers (as well as kids in a classroom) and those are simple things like have holiday celebrations with friends. We can do that when we gather with other homeschoolers and we can do it for longer periods of time without the worry of having to "get back to work". There are other things we can do BETTER than kids in a classroom (like have regular field trips, book club discussions, project sharing, and just plain out fun while we learn). My hope for this group is to do those things and more.

Because this is "our group" I welcome your suggestions. Please email me with any ideas you have and I would love to put them on the group for you and the rest of us to enjoy. Also because this is "our group" our children and ourselves have to be active as much as possible. I do understand that you can't make everything, but if I see that you have not had any RSVPs or show ups in a 3 month period, you will be removed from the group. To keep the likelihood of regular attendance high, I have set up this group strictly for the cities mentioned in the name of the group. I have come to learn that people don't like to drive to far, and this group meets MAINLY in and around Oceanside (Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, and Escondido) with the occasional field trip to San Diego or even Orange County. Lastly, because this is "our group", we want to know who is attending our events, so anybody who applies WITHOUT a REAL picture of themselves and/or their kids or a REAL name, will automatically be declined without consideration.

Lastly, because Meetup charges me a large amount to run this group, I do hope that you will find that we have things that you find enjoyable and worthy of your time throughout the month. If so, please help me to keep the group open by chipping in a small donation at the end of the month park days, that I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO ATTEND. Our children and other parents will be so excited to expect to see familiar faces that they can now call friends. :)

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