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Homeschooler's Park Day! Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday In Menifee
Come join us for a fun Park Day! Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday get some fresh air and exercise, and find friendship & support with other local homeschooling families! Meetup with others who have RSVP'd at the tables under the shade structure by the parking lot @ 11am. ____________________________ Have a local or favorite park to suggest for a Monthly Park Day, want to meet on another day, at an earlier time, or nearer to your own home? If you do just contact the Organizer (, I will be happy to help you post your 1st Meetup with your preferred day, time, and location, answer any questions you have, and be there to support you along the way! This Meetup takes place every 1st & 3rd Tuesday.

Spirit Park - Audie Murphey Ranch

At The Corner Of Newport & Berea @ 25507 Normandy Road · Menifee, CA

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LET'S GET TOGETHER FOR FUN AND EDUCATIONAL MEETUPS! To share homeschooling tips and resources and gain support from other homeschooling and unschooling families in our area.

We are a member-involved Meetup! After joining us, feel free to engage other homeschooling families by hosting your own Meetup! ( you are ready to create your first Meetup listing, message the Organizer ( to have the Event Organizer title added to your member profile, this will allow you to see, and use, the "Schedule A New Meetup" link at the top of our Meetup page (found just under "Welcome Homeschooling Families!"). A goal of our Meetup is to have Park Days and other Meetups in every city throughout Riverside County. If you need additional help you can contact the group Organizer ( for help anytime!



IMPORTANT GROUP NOTICE: To keep our Meetup respectful and supportive, please make every effort to attend all Meetups you RSVP for - OR - Look for the CHANGE YOUR RSVP (to NO) button on the individual Meetup pages if you are no longer able to attend a Meetup you have previously RSVP'd for. No-Shows are disheartening for all, but the kids suffer the most when friends they are hoping to meet or Meetup with RSVP but don't show :). Thank you for your understanding and support in this area!


Homeschooling Support Meetup offers Meetups; classes, clubs, field trips, and other socializing and support opportunities to homeschooling families in Riverside County, CA and surrounding areas. The Meetups offered are often hosted or taught by other homeschooling parents or local professionals with various forms of experience and talents. A parent or guardian over the age of 18 must accompany and supervise your child at each Meetup.

Membership to our Meetup provides you access to; posting or volunteering to host your own Meetup, tons of homeschooling resources found on our group's Pages and Facebook page (, online discussions and in person support & socializing opportunities with other homeschooling families in our area, any group discounts secured and offered through the individual Meetups, AND our group Sponsors - offering a variety of perks & discounts exclusively to our members! Your Membership is free - however submitting a small donation of $5 + through Meetup's "Chip In" ( feature either - monthly, yearly, and/or upon joining the group - will help us to keep building, improving, and managing our Meetup. Thank you in advance for your support!

Our Meetups will aim to provide homeschooling kids an addition to, and parent teachers a day off from, their regular homeschooling schedule and curriculum, along with the opportunity to have fun, socialize, find support, and form lasting friendships :) Our membership is free. To cover individual Meetup costs a reasonable fee may be associated with a Meetup, thank you for supporting our hard working, self sacrificing, Meetup Organizers in this way!

Please tell your friends about our Homeschooling Support Meetup. Our group also has a Facebook page you can find HERE ( Make sure you Like and Share our page so that you will get all of the great homeschooling posts and resources added weekly! You can start offering and gaining support now by sharing a link or other helpful information on our group's Pages (, starting or replying to a Discussion with other homeschooling families through our Message Board ( Facebook page (, or by offering to Host a Meetup, JOIN OUR CO-OP ( or Contact the Organizer to become an Event Organizer ( Or RSVP to attend one of our already scheduled upcoming Meetups! If you would like to teach a class, start a club, or share a passion or favorite venue by hosting your own Meetup please let me know, we are looking forward to adding additional Event Organizers to our Leadership Team and offering even more Meetups to our homeschooling families! If you have any questions or comments about our Meetup, feel free to contact me anytime though the link found in my group profile or the Organizer's section, I am here to help!

I hope to meet you all soon, take care, Julie - Organizer

In addition to our group's Facebook page, ( you can find more resources by visiting our Proactive Parenting Blog ( in support of the unique social, emotional, and educational needs of gifted, highly sensitive, highly creative & other unique children, our Proactive Parenting Coaching Website where you can learn more about proactive parenting and request a private coaching session to help you identify your child's learning style, and learn how unique and inherent characteristics, emotional and sensory sensitivities, parenting against your child's natural and inherent modality - can affect their life, relationships and learning.

Cartoon Dreamer ( the website where my daughter shares her story and creative passion in hopes of helping other kids like her who have been bullied, are gifted, highly sensitive or highly creative, or just have a hard time fitting in - to know that they are "just awesome the way they are, and that although they may be a little different, they are never alone." Hugs, Julie & Family

Julie - Organizer, Homeschooling Mom, Life, Relationship & Proactive Parenting Coach

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