What we're about

The Honda United Group Community.

We are the largest community of Honda owners in the U.A.E. sharing the passion for the Honda brand,

vehicles and heritage. Honda Day UAE is the union of 60 Honda clubs in the Emirates and delivers quality

automotive and lifestyle events, automotive car project builds, visual media contents, product

promotions and great exposure. While fulfilling our mission and supporting the brands, we are also a

business catalyst that connects a large network of car owners, companies, supporting services,

suppliers, media and more. The combined buying power and media reach of our member base makes it

an effective way of reaching out to a wide new clientele.

What is Honda Day UAE about

1. Passion for the Honda brand, vehicles and heritage

2. Community, people, cause

3. Business catalyst

The strengths of Our Organization

1. Unity – a multi-national community united by our love for the brand

2. Size – 20 clubs, hundreds of quality rides, thousands of members

3. Reach – immense combined network on social and traditional media

4. Business potential – marketing and promotion of your business to a new dynamic audience


1. Planning and preparation

2. Event announcement and promotion

3. Development of partnerships

4. Official launch of the event

In-order to join Honda Day UAE Facebook Group & In-order to enter our event launch

Kindly adhere to this is a must and simply no registration means no entry.

Step 1- You must fill up the Online Registration Form

(Click the link below, open the form and fill it up)


Step 2 - You Must Answer ALL 4 Questions in the link below


If the process is not completed, I will send you the links to complete your process.

Just Please message me & check your inbox for registration approval.

kindly encourage others to join our vibrant & exclusive group.

Thanking you very much for your interest,

Have a wonderful day

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