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Who Should Join:
- Anyone who is completely honest with themselves as well as selfless in sharing deep thoughts, opinions and ideas about sexuality, gender collision, and various taboo subjects.
- Anyone who is interested in learning a lot more about themselves than they ever knew to be possible.

This meetup offers the opportunity for attendees to exchange completely honest and selfless open dialog amongst each other about some of the most taboo ideas that come to mind relating to human psychology, gender collisions, sexuality as well as many other areas within the sociology realm of ideas. The meet up will be structured in a game like fashion where everyone sits in a circle to engage in a discussion about a controversial or taboo topic. A subject will be given to the entire group and turn by turn, every person will share their opinion about the highly taboo subject. After each person speaks, the entire group will be asked to vote on whether the individual who was speaking was being completely honest with him/her self during their delivery. This game is designed to help dig deep into ourselves and learn how human beings think at a deeper level via the use of exploring taboo topics as the tool.

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