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Hong Kong is an affluent society, many of us are able to get decent jobs (or even great jobs) and enjoy what the society has to offer. But, under the glamorous skylights, there are number of much less fortunate families and elders that are either not able to reach out for help or outside the coverage of social welfare. And, for this neglected group, our help can really make a difference.

The purpose of this group is to mingle with interested individuals from variety of backgrounds, solicit needed families, understand and deliver help that is most urgent to them. This includes providing simple but essential tasks such as e.g. consultation, grocery shopping, handy works, furniture repair etc. As we do not belong to any particular charity organization, the needed families are mainly solicited from our members and their circles. Therefore, if you know someone (whether is your family, neighbor or acquaintance) that match our principle and urgently needed help, please not hesitate to contact us. Once solicited, the group will arrange optimal/efficient way for our members to participate.

As hard work should always compensated with enjoyment, we always aim to finish off the day with a nice cozy meal, have fun, chill and relax.

If you are interested in giving back to the society in a different way, a foodie, wants to make friends with different backgrounds, and would like to make a difference in other people's life, please feel free to join this group and nice meeting yall!

P.S. Feel free to inform your specialty when registered, this will greatly assist in arranging proper resources for helping! Cheers!

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