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Tips :3個令您穿長靴時顯高顯瘦顯腿長的方法!3 Ways to make your legs look longer with long boots!
<服飾配搭Tips> 3個令您穿長靴時顯高顯瘦顯腿長的方法! 1. 長靴與褲子配同一個顏色 2. 穿短裙或是短褲時選擇同皮膚顏色相近的長靴 3. 穿短身的上衣,不要長過臀部 3 Ways to make your legs look longer with long boots! 1. Match boot colour with pants colour 2. Match boot colour with skin colour when matching with skirts/shorts/dresses 3. Wear shorter tops that do not cover hips My Image Consultancy 睿雅形象顧問公司(專業服飾配搭) 網站: ( Phone 電話:[masked] Whatsapp:[masked] Facebook: Instagram:

My Image Consultancy

Unit 2107, 21/F, Workingview Commercial Building, 21 Yiu Wah Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong , Causeway Bay · Causeway Bay

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Do you care about your image and style? Are you interested about Fashion but don't know how to use it at your advantage? Do you struggle to choose the right outfit for you? sometimes? often? Do you know if your friend or people that you meet for the first time see you as you would like them to see you? In others words, do you convey the right and positive image to your colleagues, bosses, friends etc...Do you sometimes go for shopping and never wear what you bought because it looked nice in the store but once you're home you're not very happy with your purchase? Well ladies and gentlemen (yes this group is for men too!) Hong Kong French fashion & style lovers is here to help!

Thanks to our workshops you'll finally understand the keys and secrets to get the most stylish look and build up your confidence!

If you look around you and read magazines, you'll see that the French style is admired all over the world: "12 secrets to dressing like a french woman", "How to dress like a it French girl?" "Stealing the French style" from Harper's bazar Magazine. When it comes to chic style, elegance, attitude and youth, we, French women, are the masters. According to the daily mail, a recent survey revealed that French women look seven years younger than their British counterparts by the time they hit 40. But behind what appears to be a natural sense of style, like if it's in our genetics, the most common expression used is that we have a " je ne sais quoi" (Meaning: I don't know what, the english translation would be a certain something or something inexplicable). There are secrets and rules that we hold back from revealing.

Choose between our different services & worksops: Style advice, morphology and style creation, personal shopper service etc..


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