What we're about

The goal of the Hong Kong Girl’s Power is to encourage Women being self-love, independent and confidence within.

We will separate into 3 sessions:

1) Educational talks or events

Knowledge is one of the key ways to be independent. We arrange educational talks that would help women to gain different knowledge. Once you have enough knowledge, confidence starts within even without makeup.

2) Spiritual events

Is important to listen to the inner voice and take good care of the mental & emotional health. We arrange events such as meditation classes, yoga classes or events to inspire women to grow self-awareness and self-love.

3) Community platform

We provide a platform that all women can support each other. Don’t underestimate the power of women connecting and supporting. Together, we have the abilities to turn Hong Kong into a place that we all loved.

It can be very lonely when you are new in town or in business, Hong Kong has so much to offer, let's check out some of the fabulous events, shows, nightlife and networking events that this vibrant city has to offer. Hong Kong Girl's power will be varied with lots of interesting places to visit as well as day trips out, fashion shows and event parties. Get together with girls from all different cultures and nationalities, learn new things and make friends in the process.

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