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"The goal of the Hour of Code is not to teach anybody to become an expert computer scientist in one hour. One hour is enough to learn that computer science is fun and creative, that it is accessible at all ages, for all students, regardless of background."

Hour of Code Hong Kong is formed by volunteers in Hong Kong since Dec 2014, by offering voluntary free coding lessons to every citizen in Hong Kong. For more information, please refer to our website below.


• 全民編程: 推動香港普及編程教育至所有年齡,所有性別,以及所有在香港的各行各業人士

• 互相學習: 把在香港想要學習編程和想要教授編程的人連結在一起

• 教學相長: 完成學習的同學們可以成為教授其他同學的助教以及主導師

• 親子共融: 讓父母和孩子可以共同學習科技、增加互相溝通

Our goals:

• Everyone Can Code: Promote citywide free coding lessons to citizens of all ages, all genders, and all walks of life in Hong Kong

• Learn from each other: Connect people who want to learn coding and people who want to teach coding in Hong Kong

• Train the Trainer: experienced Hour of Code HK volunteers can become teaching assistants or lesson instructors who can teach other students

• Enhancing Parent-child harmony: Parents and children can develop new coding skills and learn technology together, in order to increase mutual communication




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Upcoming events (4+)

HoCHK 小老師教室 [Kingsley]: Scratch #1 Earth Invasion 地球反擊戰

This is a new workshop series called "HoCHK 小老師教室 ", instructed by HoCHK Young coders, who are passionate to empower the others. The kickoff session for this new series will be led by "Kingsley" supported by his parents.

The Scratch project will be "Earth Invasion", the aim of this game is to learn how to use clones and "cosine waveform". There will also be some useful skills contained in the lesson about variables and advanced operators. You will steer a plane using your mouse pointer. There will be also some enemies flying down to attack you. This is an exciting, fun, fast-paced game.

Demo 'Earth Invasion':

Level of Difficulty: This lesson is for Scratch expert learners

Key learning objectives:
-How to use advanced operators such as 'abs' and 'cos'
-How to use variables
-How to use clones
-How to use 'if' statements
-How to use built-in variables properly

This lesson will be instructed in English, supplemented with Chinese when needed.

If you would like to join this new HoCHK 小老師教室 series, please let us know. Thank you.

快樂寫程式.輕鬆學Python #11 out of 12 - 經典小遊戲:超級貪食蛇 Part 2

This is a Python workshop series. In total, there will be 12 different Python programs. The lessons will be instructed by the young little coder, Raisie, and supported by her daddy.

In this lesson, we will cover part 2 of the "Classical Snake Game”, an interactive graphical program, that will control a moving snake and collect the apple on the screen, and achieve the following learning outcomes:

- how to use the Turtle object

- how to control the speed movement

- how to use conditional statement, if-else

- how to use global variables

- how to take user keystroke inputs

- how to perform basic debugging




- 成年人完全沒有程式經驗

- 一般中學生熟悉鍵盤操作

- 小學生最好有父母在旁協助


Thank you very much for joining the HoC Python Lesson today. You can find the Source code on GitHub and video recording of the previous lessons on Youtube here:



This lesson will be instructed in Cantonese, supplemented with English when necessary.

Credits: DK.com, Basic Python Programming

PyCon Hong Kong 2021

Needs a location

HoCHK is pleased to be one of the supporting organizations for this annual major coder event in HK and in the world. This year, our members can enjoy a nice discount with a special discount code.

PyCon Hong Kong 2021 will be organized on 8-9 October, a half-day Education track is also available on 9 October afternoon, thanks HoC members for supporting PyCon HK this year.

HoC members can enjoy 20% discount on any paid tickets with the discount code 'HOUROFCODE'.

Free tickets are also available thru the Financial Aid Program at the PyCon ticketing website.

We encourage more teachers, students and parents to attend this important event.


Try an Hour of Code™ with Grok Learning for Grade 3 to 12

In this HoC lesson, we will introduce the Grok Learning Platform, from Australia, Hour of Code materials for absolute beginners, in particular, suitable for teachers. There exists a lot of high-quality, free, online learning materials for newbies. We hope that via HoC, we are able to create the first step of your coding journey.

We will achieve the following learning outcomes:

- how to use the Grok Learning for coding education

- how to write basic Python codes for "Hour of Code: Frozen Fractals"

- how to draw interesting frozen patterns using Python Turtle

- how to perform basic debugging

More info:

Grok Learning: " We believe that a solid computer science understanding is vital whether you want to fight climate change, make the next blockbuster movie or unlock the secrets of the universe.

We've taught thousands of students across Australia to program in classrooms, lecture halls and online, and are now bringing top-notch STEM education into classrooms and homes around the world."

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HoCHK @ Inno Space: #11 Monkey Mayhem Part 2

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