What we're about

This group is for anyone that needs a Band 6 to 8 from the IELTS English test (Academic or General) to:

- study at a university;
- join or be promoted in a professional organization;
- train, work, study or migrate to an English-speaking country like New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the UK.

This group also welcomes anybody who wants to reach an intermediate-or-above proficiency in English for other reasons like social media, business, interviews, copy writing or public speaking. That said, the basis will still be the "Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing" format of IELTS.

Now, the "problem" with IELTS for many candidates is that the assessment is expertly designed to be CONSISTENTLY ACCURATE about the candidate's proficiency. In other words, if your skill belongs to Band 6, you will probably keep getting 6-ish each time. The chance of "lucking" one band higher by taking the test repeatedly is slim at best; a waste of money at worst.

That means, to get the grade one needs, one will just have to "grunt" the hours to improve one's English, adopt new strategies, and practice pointedly to correct specific weaknesses. This also means that going to general language exchange meetings will probably not bump your grade up by more than a half-band.

This Meetup Group aims to provide frequent opportunities to our members -- by practicing with others using typical IELTS material -- to steadily improve their competence with Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, finally reaching the Band each desires.

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