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Welcome to Hong Kong Sacred Spaces! Sacred Spaces is the "Made in Hong Kong" initiative of the Hong Kong Sacred Spaces Society, a registered, non-religious organization dedicated to exploring Hong Kong. Sacred Spaces investigates culturally significant buildings, landscapes, and other areas that are unique to this region. So far we've explored churches, temples, monasteries, synagogues, mosques, and traditional Chinese ancestral sites. We also seek to expand the definition of the "sacred" by including non-traditional themes and locations like museums and sites of colonial heritage. Most of all Hong Kong Sacred Spaces is a fun and safe place to explore and understand the world around us.

Hong Kong Sacred Spaces 歡迎任何有興趣探索香港特區境內和周邊地區的各類宗教和冥想場所的同好者參加。我們尋訪位於城市和郊野內的各種神聖空間,例如教堂、廟宇、寺院,猶太教堂,清真寺還有其他中式祖傳或民族學地點。為了更深入探討“神聖”的定義,我們的各類活動也會帶大家走訪按非傳統主題而設計的路線或景點。Hong Kong Sacred Spaces 致力讓所有參與人士能在安全、包容的環境下更多了解我們身邊的各類神聖、宗教空間和生活方式。任何針對他人的信仰、無信仰或傳播福音(或提倡無神論)之類的行為及言論將被禁止。有興趣認識香港的不同宗教藝術、建築和文化的朋友們,歡迎成為我們一份子。

Attendance Policy

Hong Kong Sacred Spaces Meetup Group

The following is the updated Attendance Policy of Hong Kong Sacred Spaces as it has developed over time. This policy comprises portions of the meetup.com terms concerning attendance and other aspects that are part of the culture of this group.

Members are responsible for their own personal attendance calendar. If a member indicates that s/he is going to attend an event by clicking “YES” on the meetup.com RSVP system, s/he has, in effect, indicated to the group that s/he WILL attend. If a member CANNOT attend (extenuating circumstances aside) it is the member’s responsibility to update their RSVP status. For details of the meetup.com procedures click here (https://www.meetup.com/help/topics/9/article/615554/) for details. If you don't show up (and don't tell us) we're going to worry about you!

Consequently, if a member does not attend an event without changing the RSVP s/he will be marked as a “No-Show” for that event. Once a member accumulates (3) three No-Shows s/he is putting their membership in jeopardy and can be subject to expulsion.

People are also responsible for their own health and wellbeing. Hong Kong Sacred Spaces, it's sponsors or any other stakeholder bears no liability for events that may occur on during one of our programs. Furthermore, the opinions of sponsors, organizers, and other interested parties may or may not be the opinions of Hong Kong Sacred Spaces, it's sponsors, or it's stakeholders.

Attendance Policy as it relates to Payments

Hong Kong Sacred Spaces is a volunteer organization hosted by the Hong Kong Sacred Spaces Society, a registered volunteer organization under the Hong Kong Societies Ordinance. Our events generally fall under the following three categories.


1. FREE. Many, if not most events of our events are free of charge.


2. Pay-As-You-Go. Others are “Pay-As-You-Go”. This means that members come to an event and pay their own transportation, meals, and any other cost required of that event. Organizers will do their best to give participants an approximate amount ahead of time for such an event but it is still the Member’s responsibility to cover all costs.


3. PRE-PAID. Occasionally, organizers have to pre-pay deposits and other incidental costs for an event. This necessitates that members PREPAY. It is important to remember that Sacred Spaces is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization and does NOT accept remuneration of any kind.

Weather Policy


The decision to proceed with an event in the face of bad weather is taken on a case by case basis. Generally speaking, we follow normal Hong Kong weather protocols and cancel an event when the Hong Kong Observatory raises a severe weather signals. You can click here (https://www.evernote.com/l/AN23o6F3kAhDap6Lw8h1GzPL7shH-GWBiD8) to see definitions of them. Organizers will endeavor to notify the group of a cancellation TWO HOURS before a scheduled event so as not to complicate travel plans.

Health and Safety

According to the Hong Kong Health Authorities (https://www.chp.gov.hk/en/healthtopics/content/24/29.html), the peak time for Seasonal Influenza is from November to March and then again during July and August. Seasonal Influenza is a real bother and can be quite dangerous so if you think you're getting sick, please take proper precautions like wearing a mask and dutifully washing or sanitizing your hands. If you're really feeling ill please consider staying home while you rest up. You can always join us the next time and just think about how much sympathy you'll get when you tell everyone you were sick!

Additionally, mosquitos and other pests are big issues for us, especially during the warm months. Please remember that for ANY event outside the Urban Areas (North Shore Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and other built areas) you really ought to consider wearing some kind of insect repellant on exposed skin and wearing long trousers/pants with closed-toe shoes to prevent becoming someone's snack. Believe me, I have A LOT of experience in this regard!

Community Guidelines

In accordance with the Meetup.com Group Standards Policy, Hong Kong Sacred Spaces is Local Community Focused group that Meets in Real Life. Additionally, we strictly adhere to Meetup.com's Conduct Policy in that we host events that are SAFE, HONEST, and TRANSPARENT. These qualities should be applied not only to Sacred Spaces but should be a MINIMUM STANDARD for ALL Meetup Groups. Please see their Policy Page (https://www.meetup.com/guidelines/?subnav=group) here.

Having said that each of us is responsible for our own Meetup privacy settings which includes messaging and other account features. Go to your accounts settings page to review your personal preferences. Click here for the help center. (https://www.meetup.com/help/)

Following Meetup's Policy unsolicited and otherwise unwanted commercial messages, especially for UNRELATED COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES will be dealt with harshly. Expulsion from Hong Kong Sacred Spaces and reporting to Meetup Headquarters are the tools available to group Organizers.

Finally, Intolerance of other people's beliefs or non-beliefs as well as evangelizing for any faith (or non-faith) will not be tolerated. Why not come along and check out the sacred art and architecture that exists in every corner of Hong Kong and beyond.

Upcoming events (3)

A visit to Lok Fu's Tin Hau 天后 Temple

Lok Fu Station

You don't have to be in Hong Kong long to realize there are A LOT of temples dedicated to Tin Hau 天后. The Tin Hau legend is amazing. She's the teen-aged girl who saved the lives of stranded fishermen by flying over the ocean. Depending on the source, she saved her father, brothers, and others from her native Fujian village. This power, along with martial arts skills, makes her a formidable deity and of course very popular in Hong Kong. Sacred Spaces has been to many Tin Hau Temples over the years. Some very old, some not, and some just small shrines by the shoreline. The temple at Lok Fu is one of the best-kept Tin Hau temples in Hong Kong's urban core. Well maintained and mostly visited by neighborhood locals, this temple has the kind of spit-and-shine that exemplifies devoted volunteers hard at work. The statue of Tin Hau is radiant. Her fellow attendees are regal. Why not come along with Sacred Spaces for this visit. We are maintaining the current restrictions regarding the number of event participants. Please be mindful of your calendar. If you cannot attend this event kindly change your RSVP from "Yes" to "No". No-shows are a "No-No". Thanks for your understanding.

An interactive visit to Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan

Sheung Wan Station

The current date is RESCHEDULED from 11 April 2020. You might not know this but Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan was the first "Sacred Space" we ever visited. One of the most important temples in Hong Kong, this temple is dedicated to The Literary God: Man Cheong - 文帝 and Martial God: Mo Tai - 武帝. Several years ago (and over 275 events later) a group of us met at Sheung Wan MTR Station and walked up and over to Man Mo for a pleasant morning of exploration. I remember how amazed I was then that so many people, of all backgrounds, were interested in visiting a traditional Chinese temple. I still feel that amazement today. Hong Kong Sacred Spaces has grown a lot since then. In addition to a large Meetup Community, our Society, and countless friends and well-wishers, many of the organizations that we've worked over the years have come to appreciate our interest and enthusiasm. One such organization is the mighty Tung Wah Group of Hospitals - 東華醫院. In addition to meeting the medical needs of countless people in Hong Kong the Tung Wah (TWGHs) maintains a string of local temples, none more important than the, you guessed it, Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan. Hong Kong Sacred Spaces is working with the TWGH Office of Ritualistic Services on a pilot program that will hopefully make visiting temples more educational and inspiring. We've come up with a plan that will include elements of a normal part of a temple visit, however, we'll incorporate more interactive aspects. Activities will include: 1. A short introduction to Man Mo Temple and the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. 2. Learn how to hang a triangular incense coil on the ceiling of the temple. 3. Chatting with a temple volunteer for a few minutes getting to know what inspires them to volunteer their time and effort at the Temple. This will be an absolutely unique experience and I encourage everyone who's interested in it to "RSVP" for this event. I will be reporting interest and our feedback on this event so Sacred Spaces has a chance to change the way people visit temples in the future. This event is FREE, however, it is for members of the Hong Kong Sacred Spaces Society Members only. Becoming a member is quick and easy, however, it does require that you complete a Sacred Spaces Society Membership Form (available here: http://bit.ly/2hahr3w).

The Sai Kung Ternary: Che Kung, Tin Hau, and The Immaculate Conception Chapel

Most of us are familiar with the trek to Sai Kung. It usually involves a drive through East Kowloon and down Hiram's Highway passing various villages until you get into Sai Kung Town. Just before you enter Sai Kung there's an area known as Ho Chung - 蠔涌. In the past, Ho Chung was once one of the most important villages in the area and allied with villages along the eastern coast of what is now Hong Kong. Because of its important position, it makes sense that there's an important traditional Chinese Temple located near the village. That temple is dedicated to Che Kong, the great Southern Song General. In addition to the famous Che Kung - 車公 Temple (one of the oldest Che Kung Temple's in Hong Kong), there are two other fascinating spiritual buildings that reflect the traditional relationship between the local people and the world they live in. Places we'll visit: Che Kung - 車公 Temple - locals believe it to be the oldest Che Kung Temple in the area. Older in fact then the much larger and more famous Che Kung Temple in Shatin. The Immaculate Conception Chapel - 聖母無原罪小堂 in Mei Wo Village. One of the many Catholic Chapels in Sai Kung, ICC still has services twice a year. Built in the early part of the twentieth century the church is a reminder of the potency of the Catholic message in this area. Tin Hau Temple - 天后廟 in Nam Wai Village - 西貢南圍. This is a small and remote Tin Hau Temple that sits along a spit of land attached to Nam Wai Village. In addition to Tin Hau, there's also statuary dedicated to Grandfather Narcissus - 水仙爺爺 a deity dedicated to safety and bountiful catches. Think of him as the lighthouse god. We'll walk from the bus stop which is very close to IC Chapel to Nam Wai which is a flat 15-minute walk. There we'll see the temple and enjoy the laid back village which includes beautiful views of Sai Kung Harbor. Then we'll double back to Ho Chung to see the Che Kung Temple. The walk should take about 30 minutes. We can also take a quick stroll through the Ho Chung old village area and check out the abandoned ATV Studios. Finally, we cross the street where there are a few great places to sit down and have a drink or something nice to eat.

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