Screening of Rouge - 胭脂扣

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I've always wanted to do a Sacred Spaces Walking Tour of Shek Tong Shui - 石塘嘴. Shek Tong Shui had been one of the most (in)famous entertainment districts in Hong Kong. The problem is that almost every single historical building is completely gone. Every Cantonese Opera House, restaurant, and bordello have utterly disappeared as if they never existed. The neighborhood is a kind of ghost town to its own past.

This is what makes the film Rouge - 胭脂扣 (1988) by Stanley Kwan - 關錦鵬starring Anita Mui - 梅艷芳 and Leslie Cheung - 張國榮 so poignant. A story where a ghostly courtesan returns to find her lost love only to discover that their afterlife rendezvous no longer exists is wonderfully evocative. Stay in Hong Kong enough and the City will literally rebuild itself around you.

Let's spend a few hours to watch this beautifully rendered film starring two of brightest stars to ever grace the Hong Kong screen.

Please note: This will be the last film at Gecko. The new location TBD.