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Social Entrepreneurs Meetup is a platform for socially conscious entrepreneurs and individuals to connect, exchange ideas and share resources.

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(It's a big family, and plz feel free to introduce yourself)

The meetup started out with the simple questions: what is a "social enterprise", how can they solve social problems, what are the successful examples...?

Most of us might have missed out a huge network of entrepreneurs who are developing projects for improving social wellness. According to the HKCSS's report, the number of social enterprises has grown more than 50 % from four years ago to 700+ now – with 80% of them still in operation and 60% being profitable. Therefore, we believe community connectivity could spark new ideas and optimize personal resources.

Let's keep an open mind and exploring new models and prototypes!

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Social Innovation in Mental Health & Our Stories

With the fact that 1 in 6 people in HK is suffering from mental illness (SCMP, 11 Nov 2017) and the recent 3 suicide cases occurred during the protest, it’s reminded that mental health is a critical yet underdressed issue in HK. 😶 Apart from the high living pressure, the culture creates the stigma when a Chinese “share his feelings” or seek help from a psychiatrist. Meanwhile, mental health is vital in all stages of life. For you to realize your full potential, achieve success and live a more fulfilling life, you need to have a healthy mental state. 💪💪What are the new ways to solve the problem? 🤔Have you suffered from depression or mental unhealthiness as an entrepreneur or a social innovator? In this meetup, we will discuss this “invisible" social problem and brainstorm the innovative emotional outlet through our own experience: - Part 1: Social Innovation in Tackling Mental Health Issues (TBC: The Brightly Projects, Sereknity, Mind HK, Global Shaper Mental Health Project) - Part 2: Our Stories: Voices from the SE Meetup Community ********** Learn more about innovation for mental health around the world: https://www.mhinnovation.net/ Join our WhatsApp group for daily discussion on social innovation: https://chat.whatsapp.com/GRcZ9dZawdyJ2yavYYNQBD See you on 30 July! ****** Venue partner: FabCafe FabCafe HK is a place where people can come together to enjoy good coffee and learn about design, technology, digital fabrication and art at the same time. FabCafe also serves as a space to bounce ideas around and be inspired by others through a myriad of events. We connect creators, organizations, individuals, and start-ups, providing a place for them to co-create. Our space is equipped with prototyping machines such as 3D printers and laser cutters, along with materials like wood, metal, fabrics and even different types of open-sources sensors and electronics. We dedicated to promote creativity through the use of various materials, interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing. We create opportunities for encounters and we build communities to foster collaborative innovation. https://www.fabcafe.com

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