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Introduction to KRaft and KIP-500

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18:00pm-18:05pm: Introduction & Online Networking
18:05pm-18:50pm: Jeffrey Lam, Staff Solutions Engineer, Confluent
18:50pm: Q&A

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Jeffrey Lam, Staff Solutions Engineer, Confluent

Jeffrey Lam is a Staff Solutions Engineer from Confluent. He is big data specialist, pre-sales and enterprise architect with 20+ year experience with global technology leaders, namely Confluent, Splunk, ServiceNow, IBM and Oracle. Jeffrey has solid consulting skills, able to drive technology thought leadership at C-level in multiple disciplines such as big data strategy, MLOps, cloud, and enterprise architecture solutions.

Introduction to KRaft and KIP-500

KRaft is the consensus protocol that was introduced to remove Apache Kafka’s dependency on ZooKeeper for metadata management (KIP-500). It addresses many urgent scalability and performance issues in Kafka and greatly simplifies the architecture. In this meetup, you will learn about the basic concept of Kraft and KIP-500.

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