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Aloha! For the moment I have taken over this group because the previous manager resigned. I would like to continue with his idea of connecting and collaborating with other musicians and artists interested in recording and producing their own music. One of the changes will be that meetings must be structured in a way that participants receive the most value. I will periodically suggest meetings but if it is not possible to at least have a full rhythm section the meeting will be cancelled. I am willing to pay for the practice room time and take my gear so we can record but I do not want to waste time and resources if we can't provide members with a good experience.

As I said, if you would like to have support in developing your music please contact me with your idea and we will try to put together a session that brings life to your creation.

Lastly, when the group payment is due I will not be able to pay for it by myself so if others are willing to donate a little bit of money the group will remain open to everyone, otherwise the site will cut our group down to 50 members.

I hope we can make this group successful and I look forward to meeting all of you.


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