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Honor Our Essence provides workshops and educational forums to explore, connect, transform, and ultimately to honor and awaken the unique power and essence of who you are. Learn to build that confident ease, to develop important tools (e.g., self-care, communication, relationship, leadership) so that you are in a better position to take that next purposeful step in your life. We will have monthly facilitated gatherings, sometimes with guest speakers, that tap into various aspects of our essence—emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, leadership, community. Each meeting will be an opportunity to connect, enliven and enrich aspects of ourselves so that we feel empowered and more true to who we inherently are.

As women, we often are socialized to put others’ needs before our own—kids, parents, partners, work projects, etc. Perhaps you'd like to overcome that hesitancy with your career goals, better identify your life purpose, or learn how to attune to your own needs. Or, you’re not quite sure what’s missing, but you’re aware there’s something more you want from life. Perhaps you’d like to experience more joy, more peace, feel more empowered, have more connection to yourself and others. Maybe you’re just wanting to explore and learn more about yourself as you transition into this next phase of your life, to live a more authentic and empowered life! This group is for you!

Take time to prioritize yourself so that you can reacquaint with your inner warrior essence, and in turn be in better position to step toward your life purpose.

We will meet monthly to share, discover, learn, support one another, laugh (sometimes cry when we feel the call to), and grow stronger as individuals and as a community.

**In the spirit of giving and generosity and in alignment with the Dāna principle, this series will be donation-based. (Dana is an ancient Pali word meaning "generosity," "giving" or "gift.") The practice of generosity takes us beyond separate individuality and contributes towards a community culture. Your generous donation at the event is much appreciated to keep such learning community going, as facilitators and guest speakers generously donate their time, energy, and space for the teachings.

About me, the host/facilitator (Ellen J. Lin, PhD): I am a licensed psychologist practicing in San José, CA. I have 18+ years of experience facilitating various skills-based workshops and healing groups, giving professional presentations with wide-ranging topics, and serving in various leadership positions. I’ve also been burned out and had the “opportunity” to learn to come into my own power, recognize my own inner healing intuition, and in turn explore and develop a whole other set of healing tools. I am excited to share tools, skills and perspectives so that we grow and empower each other. I’m also very much looking forward to learning from different guests as they provide guidance for us to get more connected to our essence.

(Please note that such workshops and events are not meant to replace mental health services for those who have more serious concerns.)

***Parking Instructions:

There's a small parking lot in the back of the building, and the small drive way to the back is between two 2-story buildings. There are about ten parking spaces in the back. You're also welcome to park in the street too. Both are free parking.

The address, 1132 McKendrie St (downstairs), shares the same building with 1130 McKendrie (upstairs). The entry to 1132 is more accessible from the back parking lot, by two large AC units, with the door marked Associated Valley Counselors. When you walk into the building from the back, you'll find a kitchen (it's an old house converted to counseling offices). Walk through the kitchen to find a small wait area. Feel free to also walk through the wait area to the door directly across from the wait area. We'll be meeting in the large room (formerly a living room). (There will often be another counselor actually in session right next door, so we'll have to keep our voices at a reasonable volume.) :-)

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Confidence, Self-Compassion, and “Mothering” ourselves

As we celebrate mother's day this month and recognize how much we as women give and attend to others (whether you are a mother or not), let's explore and overcome the challenges of giving and attending to ourselves. Many of us know that it is only when we start to attend to our needs, that we can be healthy and thrive. However, there's always guilt and our sense of responsibility that get in the way. Come learn ways to recognize and manage that guilt, to learn to mother our own health and our spirit, allow others to attend to us, so that we're able to re-develop that self confidence that all children innately have. (You were once confident as well!) We'll practice centering and healing methods, and start the re-mothering journey toward ourselves, in a supportive, learning environment. 6:30pm--checking in, introductions, and group agreements 6:45pm--attuning to our needs and identifying barriers 7:00– tips to manage guilt and noting first steps toward mothering our own needs 7:30pm--concluding facilitated program with Q&A and debrief 8:00pm--closing shop, until next time. Because of limited space and for workshop planning, please make sure to update your RSVP as soon as possible if you have a change of plans. Thank you, and look forward to seeing everyone!

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Find Your Way toward Your Next Steps

1132 McKendrie St

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