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This group is for anyone and everyone as this practice can be combined with any religion or beliefs.

Ho'oponopono is a practice from Hawaii. It is done in order to heal any past or present memories or feelings, conscious or subconscious, that we hold. It says that the intelligence of our soul (called supraconscious) knows why we face certain issues in life and why they may happen over and over again.

We will meet once a month to practice Ho'oponopono. It will be done in a circle and every person will heal whatever they need. It is an individual healing process even though it is done in a group. There will be time to share if wished to do so.

In order to heal any hurt from the past or the present, we take responsibility for it and we say four simple words to ourselves:
* I'm sorry
* Forgive me
* I love you
* Thank you
And so the healing begins.

We repeat these words until our soul has had enough.
It is an easy practice that does not require any experience in the field of spirituality nor meditation.
During the circle, we will sit on chairs and we will do a short connection in order to land and be conscious of where we are.

Blessed be!

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Ho'oponopono Circle

Costa Coffee

Aloha! The next circle will take place on 24th October 2019 at 18:30 in Costa College Green - Dame Street- in a private room downstairs to the left. I will put up a sign saying Ho'oponopono. ***What is going to happen?*** As you come in, you can get some tea, coffee, pastries or a sandwich and come downstairs. We will then start settling down. At 18:30 we will start with the explanation of the practice and answer any questions which may arise. At 18:45 the door will be closed and we will begin doing Ho'oponopono. *Please come on time* As the practice is in a circle, you will be working on your own but collectively, making this technique a practice in which you will feel accompanied. It is a safe space and Love and Compassion are key. ***How is it practised?*** This practice is done with your eyes closed. We will be sitting on chairs in a circle and no special clothing is required. We will begin by connecting and sending light and continue by cleaning that memory, feeling, act... which makes our harmony be unbalanced. We will repeat the four words:" I'm sorry, forgive me, I love you, Thank you". We say them to ourselves. Around 19:50 we will finish and then have some time to share or to ask any questions. At 20:00 we will leave the room. ***Contributions*** Costa College Green has given us this space for free and they have very kindly asked if we can, in exchange, get a cup of tea, pastries... however, this is not obligatory. There will also be a small box in which you can leave any contribution if desired. Thank you.

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Ho'oponopono Circle

Costa Coffee

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