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Also please be aware that you will need to respond to a private message before you are officially accepted into the group so please be on the lookout for that, otherwise your request to join will be denied.

Hello everyone, and to new members, welcome to the Horror Movie Club Meetup! We hope you all had a wonderful New Year, and we very much look forward to more spooky events as 2020 goes on.

2019 was full of so many awesome events! The Hollywood Theatre really knocked it out of the park this year with some of the coolest movies and festivals around! The HP Lovecraft Festival was absolutely amazing, if not very chaotic last October, with amazing guests including the one and only Roger Corman, Victoria Price, Richard Stanley, and many more!

BUT, the thing that makes all of the events worthwhile and fun, is all of you! It might be very cheesy to say, but it's quite true that after you get to know us, we're like family. So if you are new, don't be afraid to come and say hello! All of us are mostly awkward weirdos, I know we sure are, but we love meeting new people and sharing the passion we have for the horror genre.

So here are few points and info about the group that I think everyone should know.

Unclick going if you are not going, especially with events where we are saving seats. It just really saves us a lot of frustration and we really appreciate it if you could do that for us. (3 NO Shows and you will be removed)

(which is just as important, if not more so than number 1) We are a horror family of ALL TYPES. We are accepting of all people who can be nice and respectful of ALL of our members. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE HATE IN THIS GROUP! Unless it's hate for the new Grudge movie, than we all understand... but if you are not comfortable with the idea of people of all LGBTQ+ types (honestly all types of people... it's 2020, let's try and get along) hanging out openly as themselves, then please find another group. We are a loving community of dorks and weirdos and queers, so please... be respectful and kind to each other. We have not had any big issues in our group with this, but if you are having a problem with another member, please let us know immediately. We will try to deal with the problem swiftly as possible.

Events we really think you should check out if you can because we honestly think they are the most enjoyable... The HP Lovecraft film festival is in October, and it is our absolute favorite thing of the year. Even if you don't like HP Lovecraft because HP was pretty racist, the HP Film Festival has a lot of LGBTQ+ and PoC representation in their films.. much better than Hollywood movies do anyway.

Queer Horror is a bi-monthly showing of queer horror films (duh). Definitely check it out if you like hilarious drag shows before your horror movies, and who doesn't?

The Portland Horror Film Festival is another good time, but this year it is right around the same time as Pride weekend, so we understand you have tough decisions to make! The festival is a LOT of fun though, so if you are able, definitely check out the Portland Horror Film Festival.

Join our Facebook group if you are on Facebook. It's really fun and sometimes we plan some other events there (like personal events... bday parties, non-horror movies) So check it out! Also... memes! Who doesn't like horror memes? https://www.facebook.com/groups/294315594341731/

Finally, Meetup is not free for us, but we really don't mind covering the fee for all of our members. However, if you are person who is really probably not going to come to anything we post, please think about leaving our group. We have no problem if you only make it to one thing a year, but try to be at least that active, or you may be removed. If you do get removed, you are more than welcome to rejoin if there is an event coming up you would like to attend.

We want to thank you all so much to all the amazing people we have met since joining and then running the group! A big thanks as always to Adam and Michelle for being the main people to get this group started. We really hope you all have an amazing time in our group, and we hope we see you soon!

Finally, we (Lora and Travis) have a YouTube page were we make really silly horror themed things, and sometimes we do movie reviews! It's got puppets and potty humor, so if that sounds like something you'd like check it out! YouTube.com/trashpeople

-Lora and Travis

aka Aunt Gore and Uncle Guts

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Virtual Meetup: The Craft: Legacy(2020)

Online event

Since this is a brand new movie we will do this one on our private discord server. reminder the discord link only works for 24hours so if you need a fresh link please private message me for the link. A group of high school students form a coven of witches. A sequel to the 1996 film, "The Craft". EN Director: Zoe Lister-Jones Writer: Zoe Lister-Jones (screenplay) Stars: Michelle Monaghan, Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlo

Virtual Meetup: A Nightmare on Elm Street(1984)

Online event

We will be doing this as a watch party through Twitch, all you need is a twitch account on your phone or laptop here is the link for where we will stream from https://www.twitch.tv/theotabbytravis The monstrous spirit of a slain child murderer seeks revenge by invading the dreams of teenagers whose parents were responsible for his untimely death. EN Director: Wes Craven Writer: Wes Craven

Virtual Meetup: The Rocky Horror Picture Show(1975)

Online event

Reminder the discord link will only work for 24 hours after I post it so for a fresh link please private message me. We are doing this one entirely on discord, I figured if we cant gather together to do do this at the Clinton Street this year why not try and do a fun watch together virtualy. For this one we will do voice chat during the movie(something we usually avoid) so we can shout some of the fun lines and sing along together. Lets try and make the best of this 2020 Halloween

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Virtual Meetup:Reanimator(1985)

Online event

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