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Riding in good company can be a safer and friendly way to explore the beauties of the front-country and back-country trails of the 805 area. Join this meetup and participate in group rides, and find new like-minded riders who will share the trail with you. Anyone who owns and rides a horse or mule or donkey is welcome to be a part of this meetup. If you know good trails, meet new friends and show them the way. If you are new to the area, come along and follow someone who knows the trails. We are united by our love for the grace and power of the animals that make our explorations so very special. Exploring Happy Trails !!!

For these rides I don't have a number of hours in mind, actually. I always think it is best to have a talk with the group before we go out and the most important thing to me is to ride to the least rider. So if someone only wants to ride 2 hours, or has a rehabilitating horse or mule that can't do distance, I always say we ride to accommodate them. If that means a shorter ride and half the group wants to go back and the other half wants to split off and go longer, that works too. There really aren't any rules for this, just common courtesy.

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Exploring Los Flores Ranch Park

Los Flores Ranch Park

Join us for a beautiful ride exploring Los Flores Ranch Park. Covering 1,778 acres (nearly 2.8 square miles), the property lies about eight miles south of Santa Maria in the Solomon Hills.

We will meander through the hills and trees while taking in the beautiful views of the Santa Maria Valley. Our guide Stormy is a docent and knows all the trails.

Meet at the Equestrian parking area off the 101 freeway and the 161 exit.

Blog posts with views of this property are here:

Valentine's Weekend ride with Ride Nipomo

Nipomo Regional Park

Explore the lovely equestrian trails among the eucalyptus forests of Nipomo.

This is a ride put on by the local organization Ride Nipomo Trails Alliance, and anyone who wishes to attend should RSVP here with the MeetUp but also be prepared to join the organization in support of their efforts to promote local riding. You can do that the day of the ride in person or here online: https://www.ridenipomo.com/associateform

At this ride they plan to have a "Hunt for Hearts" with prizes, and all are welcome. Any questions about the ride or the group contact Janette Wesch at [masked]

A view of some of the trails can be seen in this blog, but this may not be the trails we ride for this event:

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MeetUp to Explore Rancho Oso Trails

Rancho Oso

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