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Anyone who wishes to learn simple, effective processes for relaxation, stress reduction, overall health and wellness, self-empowerment, self-improvement and overall well-being is perfect for this group!

We have a monthly meetup on the first Tuesday of each month from September through May at Coronado Center in Hot Springs Village from 5:00 - 6:30 pm which includes a meditation followed by a discussion focusing on a health, wellness, happiness-related topic.

The Meetup has a charge of $10 for the remainder of 2019 and this amount is due no later than August 31st.

Anyone who is a paid member and who wishes to have me post events, services, classes, trainings, etc. is invited to do so, as long at I receive the information at least 10 days in advance. Paid members who offer services, or who are interested in making a presentation are invited to contact me. I'd love to have you as a guest speaker!

(The Meetup dues will increase to $25 for the entire year of 2020 and will be due no later than January 10th.)

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Autumn Equinox Crystal Retreat

Needs a location

A 3-DAY RETREAT FOR WOMEN – SEPTEMBER 21-23, 2019 Join me, along with a spirited group of very special and beautiful women in glorious Hot Springs/Village, Arkansas… This wonderful place is where I live and, more importantly… there are QUARTZ CRYSTALS EVERYWHERE! Our location is a beautiful private home…a scenic and peaceful setting among the trees in the sacred Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. You will experience: Mountain vistas, spectacular sunsets, sparkling lakes, waterfalls and healing hot mineral springs Brilliant green scenery, blessings and crystal waters during the day Bright stars, a warm fireplace and glorious steamy hot tub at night… Early Registration discount available through August 4th! COME AND JOIN THE CELEBRATION! http://www.emboldenedheart.com/autumn-equinox-crystal-retreat/ There are also discounts for returning attendees and single-day passes, as well as those who don't require overnight lodging. Details at this link: http://www.emboldenedheart.com/autumn-crystal-retreat-return/ 3-nights lodging and all meals are included. Here is the activity list: Daily Meditation & Joyful Movement (Nia, Yoga & Qigong) - with Beautiful Music Crystal-Gathering Walk (pick your own, work with them, keep them!) Life Alchemy Class – for CRYSTAL CLARITY in Key areas of your life Crystal Flower Essence made with Andean Orchid Star Essences Hot Mineral Thermal Bath Stroll in Historic Hot Springs Downtown Area Pontoon Boat Ride on glorious Lake Ouachita A steaming hot tub under the stars each night Delicious Healthy Meals and Snacks Admission fees for all activities Transportation from lodging residence to all scheduled activities Crystal Tuning Forks - Vibrational Sound Healing every day Peaceful hikes and walks through the forest *Very Important…What will change for you as a result of this retreat? This weekend will ground you into CRYSTAL CLARITY and peace… Become the HEROINE in your OWN your life! Your RELATIONSHIPS will become more fascinating and enjoyable. Your life will become more meaningful and beautiful…JOYFUL! Life will become easier, with more GRACE AND GOODNESS. You will TRUST YOURSELF more than you ever have. You will become the MOST INTERESTING person you know! **Very Important…What will change for you as a result of this retreat? This program will ground you into your personal power and peace…you’ll feel like you actually OWN your life! You will experience a palpable dissolving of anxiety and fear. Overall health will improve and you will become more radiant. Life will become easier, with more grace and goodness, without monumental effort on your part. You will become the most interesting person you know! SPACE IS LIMITED, SO IF THIS RESONATES AND YOU WISH TO ATTEND, PLEASE REGISTER RIGHT AWAY… Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, AR is the closest airport and is a 1-hour drive from our location. A Shuttle is available, by reservation, if you do not wish to rent a car. Awesome optional activities available the day before and the day after the retreat at an additional cost: Massage, Facials, Energy Work, Crystal Shopping, Woodlands Walks, Gong Sound Healing Bath, Crystal Light Bed Session and more... (Contact Malinda at [masked] for more info)

Autumn Equinox Women's Retreat - Special Offer

Needs a location

Hello, Hello - Once again, I'm planning a women's 3-day retreat to celebrate the Autumn Equinox in September. Each of these retreats has a different theme and a special opportunity for those attending to learn, grow, become nourished, have fun, connect, receive inspiration, and empowerment. I'm really excited about this one, which is focused on sound and vibration. I've been fascinated by sound for many years, but recently have come to a whole new understanding of sound and the way it works. Crystals, as we all know, conduct energy... and so does sound! This event will have much emphasis on the use of sound and the many different ways we can open to health, wellness and joy using voice, spoken word, chanting, singing...and vibrational sound therapy! What if by learning how to use the correct sound and vibrational attunements you can more easily raise and maintain a higher vibrational frequency rate? This will allow you to bring and keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect balance and alignment with its higher frequencies where better health, life circumstances, synchronicities, and connection to a higher intelligence become your normal way of being and not just a fleeting thought. A friend and colleague, Lisa Alexander, will be attending all the way from Pennsylvania to bring us her amazing sound therapy using vibrational tuning forks. Lisa personally designed special tuning forks based on the Schumann Resonance and the forks have crystals attached! She has been receiving rave reports from people who experience her wonderful approach. Best of all...retreat attendees will all receive a vibrational attunement from her each day of the retreat! It's beautiful, gentle and so amazing! Join LISA ALEXANDER, a Quantum Metaphysician; creator and practitioner of The Alexander Methodâ of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy, as she introduces us to her unique, advanced program that bridges the gap between science and spirituality to offer wellness support through each layer of our existence. I've filled all the available overnight bedrooms, but we have a beautiful large space during the day and I'd love to have more attendees who don't require overnight lodging... The regular retreat price for all 3 days, all activities and meals is $895 but since you are a part of my beautiful community of Nia dancers, Meetup group members or area friends... I have a better offer for YOU! I'd like to offer you an opportunity to attend all three days for $395 or a single day for $150. Here is a video invitation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7matshuAHB4 If you are interested in attending, you can use this link for registration to get your special discount: http://www.emboldenedheart.com/autumn-retreat-special/ Please pass the word! Thank you, thank you!

ARCHETYPES AND TAROT: A Creative Immersion Weekend Retreat

From Linda Sprague (one of our Meetup Members): I am facilitating a retreat on October 4, 5 & 6 at Crescent Moon Lodge and Retreat Center in Rattan, Oklahoma. See https://crescentmoonlodge.com/ Beginning with dinner on Friday, October 4th, we will invite the imagery of The Tarot to inspire and guide us as we explore our unique archetypes. We will focus on fundamental, core archetypes connected with the Tarot. For example: mother, father, son, daughter, wise man, wise woman, hero, heroine, lover, loner, trickster, wanderer, warrior, rebel, judge, martyr, victim, healer, farmer, student, teacher, priest, priestess, adventurer, magician. We experience different archetypal identities throughout our lifetime. We are not limited to one archetypal expression or one life theme. During this retreat you may say goodbye to one archetype as you step into another life chapter. We are complex and complicated. Our unique wholeness is worth celebrating! The purpose of the retreat is to surrender to creative immersion in the visual power of Tarot images. The outcome of your immersion will include: personal insight & integration, appreciation of self, courage to live authentically, happiness and peace of mind. Special bonus: learning to access/read Tarot cards from your intuition. $425 per person includes lodging and meals. Email me at [masked] if you have special questions. The cost is inclusive. A staff cook prepares all meals and snacks Friday dinner through Sunday brunch. Relax in nature and make new friends.

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