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Did you know that 87% of the USA cannot or does not prefer to learn from reading? Would you like to experience how to biblically build community where even Athiests, Non-Literate and the Blind can participate together? The Way where disciples multiply disciples? WHAT: Are you interested in learning more about the organic Way given by Christ? Consider inviting us to your home or local venue for an initial relaxed, no frills experience with Q&A discussion with others. WHO: "For the hopeful skeptic, earnest seeker, wounded or nomadic child of God we want to be a safe place..." This is open to all who want to pursue God so include You, your family, friends and neighbors. (Note: If you are a "Christian" and have broken fellowship with other Christians, because you want to be in control, please first repent then go and reconcile with those you tried to Lord over before contacting us. For those in a "leadership" position that have "excersized authority" over others, please do the same. Thank you.) WHERE: Your home or other local venue to you. FOOD: If held in your home everyone brings enough for their own tribe and we share at the meeting. Then there is enough hospitality for all without planning allowing participants to keep their focus on God. WHEN: We typically are available on Sunday's 5PM for this. If you have another time, during the week perhaps, that you can gather a group, we want to accomodate. Let's colloborate on putting it together. If you are interested in hosting an initial informational session, Text or Call Rick at[masked] or email [masked] submerged in grace, rick & marcie Since the month of his 33rd birthday, Rick became an always apprentice of Jesus the Christ. He is a redeemed Orality Biblical Storyteller, has been Ministering for a decade and a half and teaches God's Word God's Way which means he gets out of the way and is happy doing his part as part of the body of Christ where Jesus alone is manifestly Lord. He will not ask for money or try to get you into some sacred building on a certain day as he has always worked for a living and has degrees in Management, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Technology and a Masters in Divinity from a highly recognized seminary.

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Have you ever wondered what is the Organic (Simple, Reproducible, Participative) gatherings Jesus exampled and his Disciples lived then and today?

Has the Institutional Church in America made you doubt the book of Acts? You're not alone. 78 million people have already left the Institutional Church in America because Institutional leaders are usurping the Lordship of Jesus Christ and using people to maintain Buildings, Budgets and Bigshots?

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We are now updating the TransparentGRACE ( movement website to help people like you connect all over the country. Yes, you will be able to JOIN existing groups in your area or START a new one and we'll show you how. (If you have the Pioneer spirit, please signup now at TransparentGRACE, give your input and help make it a site that helps people like you connect in healthy community offline in real life, in real time. Thanks.)

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Note: Meetup is only one of the many on ramps to get connected to the organic grace movement as gatherings are occurring which are not listed here even in our home area. Also, we most likely will only be on Meetup as long as the free coupon holds out of which we are very appreciative.

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