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No/Low Money Down Investing, AKA “House Hacking,”is an attainable strategy to get started in real estate investing whereby you purchase a single or multi-unit property, live in it as your primary residence, and rent out rooms or units to cover your mortgage and expenses. In other words, your tenants pay your housing costs while you build equity in your investment. Lead by our Real Estate Investment Hour (REIH) team, our house hacking monthly presentation and networking event teaches you how to build long-term wealth and save for major life events by investing in real estate, without needing the traditional 20% down payment. During the session, we share our personal stories, why we decided to invest in real estate, and the success our investments have brought us. We know no one wants to listen to a long presentation, which is why we make it short, easy to understand, and relatable.

Yes, you can build wealth by owning real estate, and yes, you can get started with little to no money down! Yes, you can generate life-long passive income through ‘house hacking’ and we will show you how at one of our No/Low Money Down Investing events! While the term is new, the concept is not. It’s how ALL of us here at Atlas got started.

At each event, Mike Hills, VP of Investments at Atlas shares his personal story about building real, sustainable wealth through house hacking. He started with a $6,000 gift letter from his parents and now owns over 45 units—a testament to his house hacking expertise and industry leadership. He teaches investing at his workshops and is a staple on radio shows. Learn from the best of the best (both from his victories and mistakes).

At each event we also have lenders on hand to discuss your specific financing options and the various programs designed to help you get started. We can leverage your VA loan, conventional loans and even help you get a loan if you own your own business or show NO income on your tax returns.

The only prerequisite is a desire to learn and grow your passive income. We will teach you the rest, no strings attached.

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How to Become a Millionaire Through Rental Properties

Online event

Atlas Real Estate Investors and Specialists, Jim Doolittle and Mike Hills personally own over 80 doors. They manage over 4,000 units for other investors with the Atlas Real Estate team. Each year, their team places over 250 million of investor funds in cash flowing properties.

In this session, Jim and Mike share their personal experience with real estate and how they built large portfolios.

Investing in real estate is like a puzzle. Learn what has made them rich, and more importantly, learn how they got kicked in the teeth so you can avoid the same mistakes.

1. Maximizing income cash flow and tax deductions.
2. Use compounding, appreciation and leverage for maximum wealth creation.
3. Know when to sell.
4. Importance of a mentor.
5. Are you a collector or an investor?

No gurus selling classes. Just owners helping owners by freely sharing what we've learned along the way. We hope you will join us.

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Real Estate Investment Hour

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