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House of Runners is a new non-profit running meetup in Abu Dhabi to promote excellence in local running. It is free to join, free like the air you breathe.

Our websites :

House of Runners (http://www.houseofrunners.org)

On Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/houseofrunnersabudhabi/)

The "House" is led by experienced short and long distance runners who know how to guide and build endurance in new runners. Training is structured and put to the test in local and international races.

Focus Areas :

1. A focus on energetics and biomechanics of running for distances 100m to the marathon.

2. Dissemination and application of scientific principles of training and racing.

3. Participation in local short, mid-distance and long distance events.

4. To have fun most importantly. Running is a lifelong recreation and sport and learning never stops.

Calling on Arabs, Indians, Filipinos, Latinos, Europeans, Americans...all flags of the world.

Come build the house!

Note : All runners must abide by Principles for House of Runners (https://www.meetup.com/House-of-Runners/pages/24229487/Principles_for_House_of_Runners/).

Upcoming events (1)

Track Tuesday : Fitness Test

Zayed Sports City

Note : You must be able to complete atleast 4 laps of the track without stopping to be able to take part. The actual test = 7.5 laps. Continuation of summer training. This is a fitness test for all runners, specially geared to assess those who have been training with us since the start of the summer program. The coach monitors everyone's timing and makes changes to the next phase of training. A. DIRECTIONS : ----------------------- PARKING : https://goo.gl/maps/aGSWqxZGtPP2 BRIEFING POINT AT PITCH 1: https://goo.gl/maps/3MhiJD2mdEo B. The Plan : 3km at your best sustainable intensity ---------------------------------------------------------------------- C. WHAT TO BRING : ---------------------------- 1. GPS Sportswatch or Stopwatch - HIGHLY IMPORTANT 2. 2x hydration bottles for workout (if you have a long commute, consider that timespan as well) 3. Towel and body wash for shower 4. Follow track running etiquette. See : https://www.runnersworld.com/workouts/track-running-101

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Bateen Beach Hill Run

Al Bateen Beach

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