What we're about

HOUSE RULES is a gaming group for anyone and everyone. Our game nights are hosted by nice folks in the Sacramento area with tables, chairs, and a deep love of games.


What kinds of games do we play?

A bit of everything! From Cosmic Encounter to Codenames, from roll-and-writes to RPGs, from Monsterhearts to Misspent Youth, from Dead of Winter to D&D ... you get the idea.


Who can join?

All are welcome! Whether you are brand new to tabletop gaming or a hardcore hobbyist, you are welcome! HOUSE RULES is actively committed to diversity and inclusion for all individuals of all backgrounds, races, ethnic origins, sexual orientations, gender identities, abilities, ages, and socio-economic statuses.


A few HOUSE RULES rules:

- Spaces are, by design, limited. Please don't RSVP if you aren't 100% sure you can commit to a full night of gaming.

- Our game nights are SAFE & INCLUSIVE spaces. Any form of oppressive/intolerant/exclusionary language, harassment, or inappropriate behavior will get you booted, because that is extremely uncool. (Shit-talking, on the other hand, is encouraged and celebrated. Sore losers take note.)

- Bring GAMES you enjoy. Be ready to teach those games with clarity and enthusiasm.

- If it is within your means, bring SNACKS & DRINKS to share.


Interested in becoming a HOUSE RULES host? Use this Google Form to let us know! (https://tinyurl.com/HouseRulesHost)

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