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What we’re about

The Houston Area Hackers Anonymous (HAHA) is a gathering of hackers, security enthusiasts, security professionals, and everyone else in the Greater Houston area.

We host monthly meetups that offer short presentations ranging from 5-10 minutes covering a large range of topics including computer security, physical security, pentesting, electronics, programming, and general nerd/geekery.

Everyone will be encouraged to go up and speak about any topic of their choosing. Some examples include some recent research you've been working on, a cool project you've done or want to do, some interesting information you recently learned about, your take on the latest in information security, quick guides on different technologies, etc. You can talk about anything that can be remotely linked to security, hacking, hardware or general IT awesomeness.


  1. New commers are required to present. There are no rules on presentation content, style, or prepardness. You can speak about anything, but geeky things such as IT and Security are encouraged.
  2. Talks cannot be longer than 10 minutes (Loosley enforced unless time restricted)*
  3. Regular members are required to present every other meetup they attend.
  4. Absolutely NO taking pictures, recording video, or recording audio throughout the event
  5. Presentations end at 21:00 and socializing/mingling continues until the last person leaves.

* Please note that we may not have enough time to cover all presentations for the night. If you would like to ensure you get an opportunity to give your presentation, arrive early and let the organizer know you'd like to present.

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