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The Houston Buyers Club is a local Real Estate Investors Association with a focus on helping others create wealth thru passive income streams and how to have the lifestyle that they have always desired. Are you a current landlord, an experienced Wholesaler or Rehabber? Are you looking to build a portfolio of rental properties now so that you won't have to depend on Social Security in your "Golden Years"? At the Houston Buyers Club you will have an opportunity to work with others in the club by; Doing Deals Together, Being Educated on Current Topics, Learning from the Experiences of others in the Club and getting guidance from you Real Estate Investing piers. We look forward to you joining us on the 3rd Saturday of the month starting this May.

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Quest IRA, Inc

Do the houses that you look at to purchase typically need "a little love" or sometimes a whole lotta love to get them sold? Are you putting in repairs and or decorative FIXES that won't make you any money on the sale of the property? At the end of the day, the work you put into your rehab property should generate a return on investment. So, how do you determine what should be rehabbed in your property? If this has been a question ( or you have had some negative results that you don't want to happen again) that you have been asking yourself and don't have the answers for, come out and let Elijah Randall of FAST TRACK REMODELING tell you what to get done on your next project.

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