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This is a space dedicated exclusively to the appreciation of Houston's vibrant and diverse classical music scene. It is the goal of this group to bring this wonderful music to as many enthusiasts as possible from every walk of life, breaking down barriers of socioeconomic class, race, level of music education/background, etc. in the process. To that end, I try to include as many free and low-cost concerts as possible, from as many different venues/ensembles as possible throughout the metro area.

I am very pleased to observe that one glance at the wonderful people who comprise this rapidly-growing group will prove that this goal has already been met, nay exceeded; our aficionados are professional musicians, ensemble directors, hobbyists, professionals and laypeople from an astounding variety of fields with exceptional knowledge of the art. And then there are just curious young minds minds like myself whose child-like curiosity has over time blossomed into a lifetime journey of blissful wonderment, fueled by a raw passion ever-evolving in intensity and reach. But maybe that's all of us on a most fundamental level.

In order to make this group as engaging and robust as possible, if you are a professional musician, director/coordinator/volunteer who is affiliated with a group or ensemble and would like your ensemble's schedule of events to be made known here, please feel free to message me to indicate your interest in becoming an Event Organizer for this group. As an Event Organizer, you will have the capability to create events and add them to the main calendar. This of course not only gives your group/brand increased exposure to our rapidly-growing network of aficionados, but it also gives them a greater variety of event options to choose from (by the way, as an Event Organizer, you do not have to worry about "stepping on the toes" of myself or fellow organizers when creating events that might coincide with others; actually, I prefer that members have multiple options from which to choose, even options that may occur on the same day), which in turn leads to greater turnout per event and increased group growth overall! Additionally, if you have a quirk, particular hobby or interest you would like to be known by in the group, please let me know as well so I an update the "custom title" right underneath your name (you might notice that several members' profiles already bear this indication. This is a fun way for myself and others in the group to get to know each other, even between events!

At the end of the day, sometimes all someone really needs is another person or people willing to accompany them to a concert, to realize at the very least that there are others out there in their very own city or locality who share their love, passion, and curiosity for the art, and that there is an actual framework in place to facilitate this curiosity (indeed, a common response from many of the members I have met since this group began is just how relieved they were to find a "starting point" that makes it easier for people either new to town, the Houston classical music scene, or classical music in general to get out and enjoy classical concerts and recitals any time they wish). So yeah, if you are looking for somewhere to begin or continue your classical music journey, this is probably your place.

Once they get a taste of the experience, a myriad of brilliant possibilities are set in motion. I can personally attest to this, and also to the immense appreciation of this and similar platforms as brilliant tools for bringing people's shared interests right back down to the people themselves. And the glorious world of classical music is no exception. See you at the symphony!

Marcel, Group Organizer

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